Amara Le Negra’s Colorful, Universal Strut, With A Dominican-America’s Fantasy Of Universal Tastes! #LatinXHeritageMonth2020 #HispanicHeritageMonth2020

The Role Of Famed Dominican-American, Singer, Songwriter-AMARA LA NEGRA-and Her Inspiration For Illuminating the Wellness Of Blackness In the LatinX Communities! #LatinXHeritageMonth2020 #HispanicHeritageMonth2020

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There are certain tales, which requires the performance of water. As we listen, observe, feel, and immerse, water stories become abundant in our very psyche, as traces of what came before. They empower us. They move us. And, they strengthen us for upcoming journeys, ahead. That’s the eloquence of it all. Once you get through that process, you have achieved the moment to stand tall. Strut tall. Sculpt, tall. Its why movement gives us that very access to healing. Its why land strengthens our sensory, and why rhythm becomes our tool for the push into the momentum of love’s delight. Memory provides us with the power to transcend into completing present and future chapters.

In a previous piece, we were presented with the eloquence of Blackness in the Republica Dominicana. The smoothness and natural visibility of Blackness was moved into this section of the island’s atmosphere. Yes! Now, we can breathe. So, let’s go onto another singing of future, literary tales. A tale migration, into another spacing, while holding onto the blessings of culture and memory.

In every culture, you have the Maiden. Who is the maiden, shall you ask? Well, the maidens are the young, fruitful, and vivacious feminine images, who continue to cultivate the culture. Not only do they move through the atmosphere, but they are responsible for the overall re-birth of the culture. They are the feminine imagery, who bless the land; all the while ensuring that their feminine representation is connected with it. Furthermore, Maidens also ensures that harmony and healing is sustained and shared within the culture, people, and nation. Maidens are life.

So, imagine a Maiden, of Dominican soiling migrating to US gardens, implanting herself within Miami, Florida, and experiencing another garden of peculiar Blackness, while maintaining the memory of her own. Clearly, in this particular journey, there is the existence of the Maiden and Mother image. This particular story is about a Mother (Ana Maria Oleaga), who delved through migration’s aesthetics, in order to ensure that her daughter would receive better. More than better. In fact, even more. This is not your typical story; not your typical Dominican-American story. This, my Darlings, is the story of. . .

Amara La Negra; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Her very presence in the mainstream, entertainment industry insights to many stories and symbols of her representation. What does it mean in the realm of being a Dominican woman? Furthermore, it takes us down a path, in a beautiful narrative, of a Dominican-American woman, who holistically immersed with the gardens of daughters of Black American perfumes. Respecting these gardens and celebrating the Maidens, within them. Its a beautiful narrative, and it brings forth the illustration of how differing maidens, within the Diaspora can be in harmony with each other, when gardens, (and the existence within their culture) and the women birthing them, are acknowledged.

She is beautiful. Vivacious. Sensual. Confident. Making it known that Blackness, within the Dominican Republic is not to be hidden. And should it be so, then she will migrate to another spacing, to present it on a bigger platform. Water would be her guide. And through her Mother’s wisdom, Amara La Negra will bloom, as a Dominican-American flower. She would find suitable spacing in Black American scents, while also ensuring the vigilance of her Afro-Latina flowering-by way of a Dominican breeze.

To the world, she is Amara La Negra. Yet, to her mother, she is Diana Danelys De Los Santos. If we go into the world of imagination, and especially the thoughts of a mother, it was already known that she would be a 🌟! Mother knows best. She also knew that her daughter was someone special. If her Blackness, would not be accepted with mainstream, Dominican society, then to the United States, it would be. Vamos, Mama! A star had truly been born, on October 4, 1990, in Miami, Florida, and the light would not be diminished, simply because others refused to see it. If we were to imagine Diana in her Mother’s womb, perhaps we could envision this silent agreement.

In a recent tweet on her Twitter platform (October 2, 2020), Amara La Negra highlighted the story of cleaning houses with her mother, in order to earn extra money. She alludes further by stating “growing up all my life experiences made me become an independent Hard Working woman! But most importantly life taught me to always remain Humble!” There is more depth to this lavender-colored truth. What Amara La Negra has painted for her audience is an hidden power, of those starting off with very little. When you have been at the bottom, there is a certain foundation, that you acquire. It is rooted in creating from the naturalness of nothingness-or what we presume to me “nothing.” You learn creativity. Furthermore, you learn to be resourceful. You are meticulous and understand minute details of time. In a terse amount of words, you are thrown into a diamond mine. And, diamonds are forever, Baby! 💎💎💎💎💎💎 Through this narrative, a Dominican-American Madonna and Child formed a quest and exploration of overcoming. Together, they would transform their positioning, within Earth’s spacing.

Funky. Colorful. Animated. Stylish. Intellectual. Activist. And a whole lotta pizzaz and personality to match. Amara La Negra is more than fire. In fact, she is a create of fire balls, and the water 💦💦 makes intimacy with her Being.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The treasure of their being an Amara La Negra is that she is that spiritual image-that larger than life, spiritual image, who wears Dominican Blackness, in every corner. You cannot hide her away. You will not sweep her under the rug, nor deem Blackness in the Republica Dominica as dirty, which must be cleansed. She is La Negra, and you will see her vigilance; whether it makes you comfortable, or not.

Amara La Negra is that Blackened wind and whisper of Dominican-American allure. It is gentle, persuasive, feminine, attractive, and sweet. You desire to taste her words; her sound. In case any Latino/a forgot that Blackness exists, they get a reminder. In case any vigilant-looking, Black Dominican forgot they are Black, they, too, are reminded! What’s even more precious and vivacious about Amara La Negra is that she makes Blackness, within Dominican-American culture, something to be celebrated. There is beauty, richness, and color to her realm. There is nothing to fear, as her Blackness showcases the creative world. Try to stain her with your presence, if you want, but it is you, who will be disappointed. And it is you, who will miss out. Finito!

What’s even more magical, is that she has explored the realm of Black American gardens. Her use of Hip Hop, Pop, and traces of R&B, asserts it as so. Simultaneously, she has foundation in her own culture; her nourishment of self, and Mother Tongues, affirms it, as so!

Myriad, professional photographs and stilled videos, highlight different colors, designs, patterns, and persuasions of her creative energies, auras, womanhood, and spiritual journey in Earth. Her fashions provide enriching tales, about the therapy and aesthetics of dress and style. Of course, that’s for another telling!;)

As we continue to follow the work of Amara La Negra, we are in for many surprises, into the mystery of Blackness, through the eyes of a Dominican-American, maidenal perspective. Through her eyes, Blackness is recoated and recolored, and restructured, with a triumphant twist. It is a fairytale; inciting others to tap into their own imaginative journey. The only difference is that its with a DA twist. Fascinated? You should be! Of course Paras las mujeres negras Afroamericanas dominicanas, fashioning Blackness should be as natural as drinking water! Shouldn’t you agree? After all, it can be seen through an imaginative eye, for the fashion of island 🏝️🏝️🏝️ trends!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

To stay up to date on the latest from AMARA LA NEGRA, go to the following links:

Instagram: @amaralanegraaln

Twitter: @AmaraLaNegraALN


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