Aishrawya Rai Bachchan’s Colorful Healing, For An India That’s, Anew!

How The Work Of International, Bollywood Star, AISHRAWYA RAI BACHCHAN, Provides Renewed Healing For the Spirit Of India, and the Re-Awakening Of Indian Women!

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One of the most sacred and creative entities of Indian landscapes, is the women who inhabit them. From whatever area they may occupy, their field, and terrain, the women from any land and culture are the profound entities of movement and navigation for their people. India is no exception to the rule. Its a hidden element, subconsciously known all over the world. The women are in tuned with the power of movement, and the wonders it has to offer. It is a creative offers and responsibility to the sustaining of life’s fruition.

Indian culture is are eloquent aesthetics, unapologetic in their audacity to being colorful. The color is symbolic of the Universal painting. Its a haven that the existence of humanity is naturally aligned with. Every individual has the power to tap into it, should they desire to do so.

What provides Universal energy the level of richness onto this paradise, known as Earth, is the human performance of its very domain. When humanity dances, sings, wear fashionable attire, and performs other creative entities, there is excitement in the Universe. Vivacious energy brings a wealth of magnitude and healing to the Earth, and the wealth of humanity is removed from toxicity plaguing our world.

In every culture and community of people, there are those larger than life feminine characters, whose responsibility it is to illuminate the feminine artistry of their land, culture, and spacing. In fact, they personify that particular Earthly landscape. Close your eyes and imagine a part of the Earth singing and performing. Their images are the first to cross our minds. Many of them embody a particular richness, in the conveying of song, dance, and art; a richness not granted to everyone. In fact, its not supposed to be. Another part of their responsibilities is to awaken the feminine energy within other women among their culture. Their poetry, art, music, and others brings healing to those areas. They encourage other women in their ability to use their very existence in the spiritual cleansing of their nation and land.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

In the nation of India, Aishrawya Rai Bachchan, is one of those larger than life artistic healers. Her performances, songs, and overall artistry presents India’s aesthetics to the Universal realm for the international audience. Who could not feel a sense of healing when you observe her in motion? Turning in the Spirit and expressions of Indian womanhood, you observe a different world of India, through the Bollywood experience. The world of Bollywood is more than an entertainment industry. For many who cannot understand the hidden work, at play, being entertained is all that is being seen. Simultaneously, there is a realm of magic, taking place. Its this world, it reminds the whole of India, what India could be. Not just parts of it. Not simply pieces of it. All of it! When you observe the high energy, and colorful films-which makes Bollywood the phenomenon that it is-you come to understand that this is the energy the entire nation of India should be experiencing and feeling. Economic worries should not arise, as humanity is surrounded by this abundant energy. Those special Beings, such as Aishrawya Rai Bachchan, are one of the angels, who use their work to keep India’s own connection to the Universal sector, alive. In this Special world, the feminine Being is protected, comforted, celebrated, nurtured, and maintaining different personas. Since these forms of expression are her natural reality, she does not mind reciprocating that energy back to the masses. By Lauren Kaye Clark

In her interview with Oprah Winfrey, there was a pivotal point mentioned, concerning the display of romance in Bollywood films. In her films, kissing and physical intimacy are not for public display. In fact, as articulated by the famed talk show host, actress, producers, philanthropist, and others, the actors go into song, right before a kiss or foreshadowing of intimacy. Ah! Going deep, much? What does this mean? Is there a secret meaning in such an action? It sounds a lot as if a woman is hinting to the mystery of love; that love should not be presented for all eyes to see. Is that it? Did I get it? Perhaps, that is what her films are hinting to. In this special world, love is discussed. It is mentioned. There are certain hints and clues of its presence in the film. However, its performance is restricted between the private spacing of two people. Only they know the secrets of their love. Furthermore, it should be confided , secured, and protected. In a terse amount of words, real passion is not always public. And Baby, that’s real!

2009 Interview With Oprah Winfrey

One of the most intrinsic mannerisms of Aishrawya Rai Bachchan, is the fluidity and smoothness in her interaction with other Indian women, and men, performers. It is almost as if she is in tune with their rhythmic patterns and beats. You would think they had been birthed in the same timing. That’s the measure of great artistry! When you make your performances more than yourself-ensuring that the healing work is being spread with other artists-you have reached the divinity of performance! The music, dance, and acting becomes more than you. You may carry the tune, but you are involved in a greater beat! POWERFUL! It means that you are intertwined with a family of performers, who are manifestations of the Divine! It is magical. Furthermore, it is part of an awareness of love and artistry. All of you begin to understand how you are on a greater mission. You are not performing, for performance’s sake. On the contrary, you are illuminating Heaven’s artistry; consistently reminding others that Heaven, too, can be on Earth! And so, you are giving a taste of Heaven, for individuals wishing to be part of Heaven’s world!

The characters, and colorful films of Aishrawya Rai’s career are forms of international proof, that healing work is continuing in India. Of course, there are those Indian artists and voices, who remain hidden. That doesn’t make their work any less significant. In fact, it contributes to the holistic power of the performing and visual arts. Aishrawya Rai’s artistry will also water their efforts, as well. Her grander personal. vivacious energy, and nurturing humanity mirrors sacred teachings, and elixirs of Indian landscapes-her waters, included! Rai’s images are one of the feminine Beings of Indian gardens, which makes it very clear that Indian women, too, have a responsibility in coloring Earth’s fruition. Many are handling that responsibility very well!

Many more observations will continue to shape and sculpt the legacy of Aishrawya Rai Bachchan. There will be further analysis of her songs, concerts, film, and whatever forms of art, she has presented to the world. Yet, one thing must be acknowledged: She is healer, first! Rai’s gifts have blessed the nation of India, in more ways, which can be counted. It will take many more years for people to understand how vast her performance healing remedies have taken place. That’s fine! That’s OK! Colors continue to arise, and more healing work, unfolds. Inviting future Indian mothers and maidens, in producing healing stories, untold!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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