Ahmed Green, co-founder of Premier Brand Science in Charlotte, North Carolina, Shares Healthy Eating Habits that Help Reduce Stress

Ahmed Green is the co-founder of Premier Brand Sciences, Inc., a Charlotte, North Carolina-based company composed of scientists and health experts who works together to study nutrition and develop the healthiest beverages for its customers.

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Apart from regular exercise, a person’s eating habits also play a significant role in stress management. Abbott Senior Scientist Matthew J. Kuchan, Ph.D. said, “Eating a healthy diet can reduce the negative effects of stress on your body.”

Furthermore, Kuchan explained how exactly this works. According to him, fluctuations in brain blood flow and brain health are strongly interrelated. He said that eating nutritious food can help improve blood flow which allows key nutrients to reach our brain, therefore, contributing to a healthy mind. In addition, he also shared that there are new research findings that revealed the stress-fighting effects of plant compounds.

Recognizing how important nutrients are to our body and how they can help more people manage stress, Ahmed Green of Premier Brand Sciences shared some healthy eating habits that personally help him maintain both his physical and mental health.

About Ahmed Green

Ahmed Green is the co-founder of Premier Brand Sciences, Inc., a Charlotte, North Carolina-based company composed of scientists and health experts who works together to study nutrition and develop the healthiest beverages for its customers. Ahmed is currently Premier’s Chief Operations Officer (COO) whose responsibilities include overseeing daily business operations, formulating policies, and identifying goals for company growth and employee performance. Aside from that, he is in charge of building and maintaining relationships with vendors.

With a great focus on innovation, integrity, and growth, Ahmed has also led and helped other companies succeed in the past. Prior to his current role at Premier, he co-founded and led Evolve Media, a marketing and consulting firm in North Carolina. He served as Evolve’s CEO and managed portfolios of reputed clients including Pernod Ricard, Proximo Spirits, Beam Suntory, Southern Wine & Spirits, and more. Simultaneously, he shared his expertise with B.A.D. Inc where he previously held a Marketing Consultant position.

Ahmed Green Shares Eating Habits that Helps Him Defeat Stress

Being in the health and wellness industry, Ahmed Green aims to encourage more people to practice a healthy lifestyle. Aside from helping us manage stress, he believes that healthy living is the key to reaching our goals and doing great things in life. With a healthy body and mind, a person can live a long and meaningful life spent on strengthening relationships and pursuing a successful career.

To help other people start their journey towards eating healthy, Ahmed shares habits that he personally practices.

Drink alcohol in moderation.

Some people turn to alcohol to unwind. Others see it as a relief after facing a stressful situation. So if you drink alcohol for any of these reasons, Ahmed suggests that you drink lesser than what you can tolerate because it actually acts as a depressant. For example, If you drink too much tonight, the tendency is that the following day, you might be feeling down or anxious due to lowered levels of happiness chemicals in your brain. In addition, since Premier works on creating nutritional beverages, Ahmed also takes advantage of the benefits of drinking their own products.

Try your best not to skip meals.

Skipping meals can sometimes worsen feelings of stress. To others, this happens when they’re too busy that they forget to eat on time. Always remember that our body and mind need food to function well. Therefore, skipping any meal results in you feeling tired and irritable.

Avoid or lessen your intake of foods that contain caffeine.

While nutritious food can help reduce the negative effects of stress on our body and mind, those that contain caffeine do the opposite. According to Ahmed, it is important to limit drinking coffee, tea, and caffeine-containing sodas because overuse of these beverages can cause dehydration, sleeplessness, and insomnia symptoms that can lead to anxiety.

Eat more stress-fighting foods.

According to studies, foods that contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids help reduce inflammation which is considered as a response to stress. To make sure he and his family eat healthily and overcome stress, Ahmed said that his wife cooks for them. Aside from giving them fruits and vegetables, she gives them foods rich in Omega-3 fats like salmon, tuna, seeds, and nuts such as walnuts.

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