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With a change in time and lifestyle, habits of an individual as well as the families also keep on changing. Everybody asks about lifestyle, it’s essential to know what the actual meaning of lifestyle is? The answer to this question is that even a daily routine of work is also a lifestyle and daily outing […]

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With a change in time and lifestyle, habits of an individual as well as the families also keep on changing. Everybody asks about lifestyle, it’s essential to know what the actual meaning of lifestyle is? The answer to this question is that even a daily routine of work is also a lifestyle and daily outing is also a part of the lifestyle. As a trend is changing and even fashion is also changing on a daily basis, the habits of people are also showing a changing trend. Earlier if someone observes who is a liquor drinker, will observe that people used to buy a 750 ml of a full bottle and keep drinking according to their capacity, now small 90ml bottles are also available so people can buy those peg into a bottle and enjoy with a meal. The same changing trend can be seen in smoking.

How smoking has changed rapidly?

Earlier people used to buy a cigarette from the shop and burn it with matchsticks, then the concept of lighter has come, so people started keeping lighters with them as it is easy to carry. As time passed on people started buying flavored cigarettes and that also took common among women. Initially, women’s don’t smokes than it’s become a part of the lifestyle and a status symbol.

But to be honest, whether it is a normal cigarette or a flavored cigarette both are injurious to health and can cause many health infections as well as mouth diseases.

Why smoke? Is it a good decision?

Smoking is injurious to health, it is very much promoted by the advertisements as well as the people living in a society. People are promoting that it is very difficult to quit smoke but if someone starts meditation then it can be easy to quit smoking. Then there is a medicine or a toffee type thing available in a market which is known as notes, helps to avoid smoking and it is not injurious to have. Smoking can destroy the life of human being. It has been observed that smoking is a status symbol but it also injurious to health

What is an alternative to a normal cigarette?

Smoking kills, this is a tag line written on a box of cigarette also and on promotional videos. Then what is an alternative to the cigarette which can be consumed and is not injurious to health also? This is most commonly known as e-cigarette. This an electronic cigarette which is now available at the brick and mortar store as well as online and can be purchased at the reasonable prices.

Is it safe to smoke an e-cigarette?

Everybody knows that cigarette is banned in most of the states in many countries. Several more efforts are being taken by the government of different countries to make their country smoke free. Also, many big celebrities are promoting on televisions that cigarette should be banned as it is injurious to health. People who cannot stop smoking, who smokes more than a packet in a day has now an alternative available with them and that is most commonly known as e-cigarettes. This contains naked vape juice which is good in taste and safe to smoke.

Does vaping become a trend?

Earlier vaping is seen in pubs or in bars, but now it is most commonly seen in corporate parties as well. People who are habitual to smoke are fond of this vaping product as well as its flavors. It is available in many flavors. So people buy this e-cigarette for themselves and can smoke within their premises and can also carry it along with them. Unlike a traditional cigarette, it is a FIFA option because it is not injurious to health and doesn’t cause any health hazards disease.

Attainable object?

The e-cigarette is easily available in a market. People who are frequent smokers cannot quit cigarette at any cost. Due to the advisories as well as the constant promotion of “smoking kills” have tended people to move from normal cigarette to e-cigarette. The reach of this product was narrowed but now it is available at every single corner of the street. Smokers who always feel craving about the cigarette can always keep e-cigarette with them as it is available with vaping twists and can be consumed by both men as well as women.

Closure cessation

People in the corporate sector used to smoke a cigarette after every single hour, which is dangerous for health. It can cause many health issues and especially it can destroy the functionality of lungs as well as the liver. Therefore, e-cigarette with different vaping products is considered a good alternative to a cigarette, which can only save people from smoking nicotine cigarettes. Still, there are some serious chain smokers who find it difficult to quit smoking as they have already made it a part of their lifestyle. They are recommended to switch towards a better substitute of cigarette for a better and healthier future.           

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