How Dr. Cooper made it to the top

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  1. Tell us Dr. Cooper about your journey in achieving your doctorate degree?

My successful journey started with a timid approach to Pharmaceutical Chemistry. I believe that many of us who have completed all the way of education have started off with two basic feelings: curiosity and awe.

I still remember my determination and my fears. You don’t get to know how long and hard the road is until you find yourself on the other side of the bridge. The bridge represents the moment in which you can see the end of the path. The end of endless hours spent in front of a computer or a book. The end of your fears of failing and let down the people who believe in you. Then, one day, you rise your head and discover that all your efforts have led to a result. Your prize is a graduation. Mine was in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. A whole new world finally opens up. You look back and found out that you have connected your dots, you have connected the end of your studying to an University degree, and your degree to your future. Take pride in it. Higher education is something that no one can take away from you. Whatever trouble you have to face in life, the thought that you’ve been able to complete your education would always comfort and guide you.

2) How you end up choosing your area of expertise?

The area I choose for my doctorate degree was in Neuroscience. At the time, I was as well a consultant for a Pharmaceutical company which produced medicines for the Central Nervous system. I got very involved with the human brain, and very curious about all the mechanisms that lead us to various and different behaviors. Love, desire, passion is nothing but a chain of chemical reactions inside your brain. Fear, hatred, insecurity, is a chain of chemical reactions as well. It all can be seen as a part of Neuroscience. And, in the end, it all relates to the brain: the motor, the motivator, the control panel of our entire life.

I believe that our brain should be treated like any other organ of our body: with respect and attention. The use of drugs can irredeemably damage your faculties and your neurons, so pay attention to this and all the potential damages that you can inflict to your brain, willingly or unwillingly.

3) What recommendation would you like to give to young people who like to follow your footsteps?

To young people who would like to follow my steps I would say with all my heart: stay passionate, stay determined. Never cease to follow your vagabond heart, which is in the end nothing but a reflection of your active brain.

Some fundamental choices you make in life, as bizarre as may appear at first, they always have a deeper explanation in the real nature of yourself. Following your heart you will find your pristine self. This, as easy as it may appear, is indeed one of the most difficult thing to carry on. The influence of the people and society around us can be overwhelming, this way sometimes hiding or squashing our real nature.

Knowing that, be strong, be the best version of your hungry heart, your passionate brain, your impeccable instinct. The research of happiness is all about that, and it begins with the dreams of the young people.


Dr. Patty Durath Cooper is the visionary of Love Science. She lives in Spain. Follow her in Instagram @pattydurathcooper

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