A trillion ways to beat your panic attacks

There is a way and your way just needs practice.

There is a way through panic. Your way just needs practice.
There is a way through panic. Your way just needs practice.

You may have exhausted everything that you feel will help and be at your last straw.

I feel your pain. I have also suffered panic attacks, and still have Anxiety when life becomes quite stressful. Personally, I feel that when we reach our thresh hold and have panic attacks, it is crucial that we not only slow down our life, but also our thoughts and pace.

Some people have a lower threshold to panic than others.

And that’s ok, it’s ok to be naturally panicky and/or anxious. The secret isn’t to stop living, but to do things more slowly and with more care.

The following guide is here for you to try. Pick 4 things from the list below, and stick to them, put them into your daily routine and make it your life’s mission to heal.

  • Practicing presence:  Read up on a book called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Every time you have a fearful thought, you will know how to watch the thought instead of letting it grow into panic. All panic starts with a thought, practicing presence and watching thoughts can stop them in their tracks.
  • Affirmations – Every morning when you first get up, affirm to yourself that you have a healed, relaxed body and mind, 1000 times, and believe it. After 3 months of this, your mind will start to accommodate. It’s a slow burner but a life long remedy.
  • Hypnotherapy/psychologist and CBT – Get a good therapist and go for at least six sessions. They will help you to understand your anxiety/panic attacks and show you ways in which you can help yourself. You may also get this service on the NHS, visit your GP for a chat.
  • Acupuncture – There are many different kinds of acupuncture, all should be able to help with your mental health.
  • NLP practitioner – NLP, I believe is a great way to retrain your brain. Try a session and see how you feel from past memories that do not serve you well..
  • Passion flower – This is a herbal remedy that you take orally, it’s a great way to de stress, aid sleep and help breathing patterns. Known for its qualities for helping to stop anxiety and panic attacks and it is good for your nervous system (an all-round good herb). The only thing you should avoid with this, is taking it long term, as it may have side effects. Also, please do not take if you are taking other prescribed medication for your mental health. Please visit your GP before hand, to avoid complications.
  • Yoga and deep breathing – Very good for distressing, relaxing and circulating energy around the body.
  • Meditation – Great for unwinding, coming away from mind activity that has a great part to play in panic attacks and anxiety. Visit a Vipasanna retreat, it’s free and centers run all over the world!
  • Baths, chamomile tea and lavender oil – Helps you to relax and stay calm.
  • Massage – Unwinds those aches and pains, which in turn, helps you to unwind too. If you can invest in a massage chair that goes onto the back of a normal chair, it’s worth the investment.
  • EFT – EFT is a great self-help tool for panic attacks and anxiety. If you can, book a session with an EFT Therapist first, to get you going, then you can do the rest at home. Alternatively, you can probably pick up an EFT book on amazon or the library.
  • Turmeric powder – A spice used in curries which has great healing powers for depression and anxiety, among other things. Take half a spoon full each morning with a little warm milk.
  • Facing the panic head on – This sounds very fearful but it’s not. Write down all of the things a panic attack makes you feel (irregular breathing, pins and needles, faint, tight chest etc.) in your own words. Now stand on your feet and breathe in and out really, really fast for two whole minutes, in for half a second, out for half a second, in for half a second etc. The faster the better. After two minutes of this, if you can, jog on the spot. Now, with the symptoms you are now having, if you feel as though you want to have a panic attack, order yourself to BRING IT ON! Bring on the panic attack. Because you are facing the fear and asking for a panic attack, you can never have an attack, weirdly true! So the next time you’re out and about and feel like you’re about to have an attack, tell yourself, BRING IT ON! Like standing in front of the big bear and using your ROAR to scare him off, facing your biggest fear. I DARE you to try it, nothing to lose here. This exercise will not kill you. No one has ever died from a panic attack
  • Understanding panic symptoms – Doing the same exercise as above up until the point when you feel all of the symptoms panic brings, then tell yourself that these symptoms are the same symptoms a runner will feel after a ten mile race. The only difference is, that yours is fueled with fear and his is fueled with determination and completion. People that run also feel out of breath, faint, weak, tight chest etc, but they have a different mindset, that’s the only difference.
  • Eat healthy – we’ve all heard it before but rarely do it. What you eat can have a big impact on how you feel, just try your best and don’t forget the water.
  • Reiki – Can be very calming and influencing on anything that is out of balance on your body. You can also heal yourself once you have studied Reiki.
  • Counselling – You may know why you are suffering and it could be from some past, maybe it’s time to let it all out and move on.
  • Breathing techniques – Breathe deeply, and as often as you can, whenever you can. If you’re in a stressful situation, focus on your left nostril and the breath going in and out of your left nostril, focus on the sensation that you get on the nostril as the breath enters the nostril and leaves it. This should help you to relax. For more info see Anapana.
  • Bird’s eye view – The very next time you feel a panic attack coming on, imagine that you are above yourself, looking down onto your mind, just watching your brain. Watching your brain attentively stops your thoughts from growing, but you have to make sure you stay focused on your brain from above, like a guard watching for unwanted activity.
  • Alternative nostril breathing – A Great way to cleanse your body and mind! It’s pretty simple really. Do this for ten minutes every morning when you first wake up (before the turmeric!).
  • Facing the fear of life situations – Are you panicking for no reason, what are you afraid of, try to face it. 
  • Ten times easier – Whatever you do in your daily life, is there any way you can make it easier for yourself? Instead of panicking about lack of money, try to feel grateful for your small treasures, Instead of fearing the person sat beside you, move, swap seats or wait outside. Make life as easy as you possibly can, there are no cowards in this life, only wise people take the easy route.
  • Listen to your self – Ask yourself why you are getting these attacks, is there something that your body is trying to tell you. Go through each part of your body, starting with your feet and ask them “are you ok?” can I do anything better for you? Are you the cause of the attacks and if you are, how can I help?
  • Accept it – Accept that this is how it is, but it doesn’t have to be this way for ever. Sometimes it is the resistance of not accepting it that actually causes it, as resistance creates nervous energy.
  • Nurture it – is there any way (other than the above) that you can nurture it, help it when it happens, assure yourself that you will try to help yourself at the time that it does happen? Is there anything you can do better when it does happen?
  • Give it all of your love – Although you do not wish for this to happen, it is happening and if you feel frustrated by this, it will have a negative effect on your body. Give yourself as much love as you can, for it is now that you need your love the most, as you and your body needs your support, it does not need anger or resentment. Again, that will only lead to resistance. Try to love yourself through all of this and be there for yourself as you would be there for others.
  • Behavior techniques – You may not realize this but when you get an attack, you will have built in behavioral patterns such as leaving a situation, grabbing onto the chair you’re sat on, squeezing your hands tight etc. All of these patterns feed the attacks. Imagine if you will, a circle which starts with the thought of panic, going around the circle, the panic thought turns into actions/behavioral techniques, going further still the behavioral patterns feed the circle towards more panic, as you  affirm with the behavioral patterns that your panic is real. The circle is completed and your attack begins. Now take away the behavioral patterns – leaving a situation, grabbing onto the chair you’re sat on, squeezing your hands tight etc. and the circle stops. When you feel panic you can either, visualize the word STOP in front of you and repeat it slowly in your head, until you feel better. Or you could think of something you are passionate about and change the thought cycle.
  • Slow down – So many panic attacks today are caused because the mind cannot cope with the busyness of your mind. Is life going too fast for you? Work schedule? Too many big life events going on? You will need to slow the mind right down in order to ease panic. Your mind is speaking to you the best way that it can, it’s telling you to slow down, through giving you panic signs.

“It’s not easy to stop panic but there is a way and your way needs practice”.

      Thank your panic – Say the following – “Thank you for reminding me of my breathing, this will not bring me peace but take me further away. I trust and love you to breathe naturally without my awareness of this, please do not remind me again.

      I have no idea why some of us have attacks and others don’t. Why one thing works for one person and not another, I guess you just need to keep trying. Don’t let this control you. If you fear socializing because of this, then socialize all that you can. If you fear going on holiday, then go on as many as possible, if you fear having an attack in front of people, then make sure you’re in front of people all the time until you get to grips with this. If you stop living because of this, it will consume you, as you are feeding it and the circle recreates its self over and over. Nine times out of ten, we feel panic because the mind is overwhelmed by something; maybe your mind’s pace is going too fast or you’re putting yourself through extreme fears in life? Whether you’re going too fast for your mind to cope, or you’re putting too much stress on yourself, these need addressing first and you may find that your panic disappears.

My sincere thoughts are with you on this one. I’m hopeful that one of these, or several, will work for you.

*Never, ever, ever give up because there is a way and your way just needs practice*

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