A Therapeutic Walk in the Rainforest

In a world where everything around us is overly stimulated with noise and constant activities, how do you remain connected to yourself?

In a world where everything around us is overly stimulated with noise and constant activities, how do you remain connected to yourself?

One of the most revitalising ways I relax and unwind is to go for a walk in nature. In the forest, there is a vast sense of awe and an energy that keeps you feeling alive.

How do you make time to slow down and unwind?

My children, in school use iPads and laptops among other electronic gadgets, as part of their learning and research in class. But at home, I step in to ensure they find balance.

We are a family who enjoy our quiet time alone because it help us to reflect, to think and to grow individually. Constant stimulated activities drain us. But we reconnect to our inner world through nature.

Tambourine Mountain SkyWalk, Queensland, Australia

What Stimulated Activities Can Do to Us

Caught up in this constant movement, we rush to get things done, work projects, family, children school and outside activities, the list goes on …

We live in a digital age where the flow of information is at our fingertips, every moment. Using our mobile devises constantly until it controls our attention. No wonder many of us become overwhelmed.

When do you take time to find meaningful connections with your children, family and friends?

My son and daughter love to be outside in nature with me. We watch the clouds moving and imagine seeing animals. There is something in the energy of nature that makes us feel a sense of healing from within. Wow! How amazing to be part of a natural path to healing.

My Connection to Nature

Tambourine Mountain Rainforest, Queensland, Australia

I constantly crave time alone in nature because it revitalise me and I feel a sense of renewal.

The sound of the forest as the wind moves in rhythm with the leaves from the trees. Everything around us is fully alive. This force of energy keeps me grounded and I often when it rains, I feel the forest come alive.

Nature Photographer

I love taking photos of nature and exploring its natural beauty and breathing in the fresh air. No pollution and the tranquillity keeps me centred.

Tambourine Mountain SkyWalk, Queensland, Australia

I never feel lost in the forest, all I do is stand still and listen to the sounds around me.

What do you like to do to relax and unwind? Please let me know below, I’d love to hear from you.

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