A Rainy Day That Heals and Stays!

The Healing Power Of Rainy Days For Writers, And Our Nourishment Within Them!

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Water has a way of telling us when we need to stop. A method of ensuring that we recognize her. A reminder that we truly need her, even if we think we don’t, at a particular time. One of those important elements surrounding water pertains to her ability to bring calm. Her charm in forcing us into a part of ourselves that we may be struggling with. Yet, after all, isn’t that part of the cleansing process?

Rainy days have a way of doing that. The most intriguing thing is when they happen, without our knowing. Maybe we forgot to check the weather on that day. Or, perhaps we just woke and heard the sound of water drops on our window panes. However it came, it came. Which means that we are expected to pause for that time being. Whether it be pausing emotionally or mentally.

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Yesterday’s rainy day in Georgia was an intrinsic experience. It was a frustrating one. It was an angry one. It was one of an array of emotions, and ways of coping with them. It was a day, where I did not take advantage of being inside, and write in my diary. And, often, those can be the best days of writing. Nevertheless, it was one of those times when a person is simply immersing in the emotions of that day. Allowing oneself to feel whatever it is that one can feel, and being unapologetic about it. Quite honestly, its the most natural essences of being human. It becomes all too apparent that in our modern day society, being quiet and suppressing emotions is considered the “professional” thing to do. Anyone, who “crosses that line,” is deemed as being “inappropriate” or “unprofessional.” If engaging in emotional truth means that I’m being “unprofessional. . .” well, then I’m just going to be, unprofessional.

There is a level of intimacy when we as writers, work or write. . .on a rainy day. That intimacy isn’t always pleasant. In fact, there are times when it can be rather aggravating because we feel stuck. Not knowing what to write. Not understanding what project we should work on next. Having dealt with a recent failure or loss. Whatever the frustration may be, for some reason it truly becomes felt on. . .a rainy day. And, that’s when things change, and the magic happens.

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When emotions arise on a rainy day, its a perfect opportunity for healing and releasing into that space of allowance. Allowing emotions to have their way. They serve as a form of mapping. On rainy days, moreso than sunny ones, we are given the opportunity to look around, examine ourselves, and see if we are in order. Are we in balance? Are we seeking the things that we desire? Are we living in our purpose? Are we sitting in our truth? Are we on the paths that destiny has placed for us? Have we gotten over the recent bumps and upheavals, along the way? As writers, have we emotionally checked in with where we are in our writer’s journey? Checking in, through the essence of water is a very powerful tool for writers. The energy within us, allows the mind to bring out that genius on paper. Therefore, fellow writers, have you tapped into your energy banks?

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On my rainy day in Georgia, it was a given that I could relax a little bit. Allowing yourself some time to soak in that energy is alright. . .for a time being. Sure, it can be a little agonizing. Nevertheless, there is a time when a little work can assist in one being able to delve deep into that world of emotional exploration; all the while, exploring the treasures, ahead. Different news events, memorials, and the latest Sheroes or Heroes, who had left this Earth placated the television screen. Going through my head on the latest tasks to do. Thinking can be a wonder, is it not?

One of the blessings about rainy days, is that water has the power to calm the intensity of powerful emotions. That, even, when going through the power of our sensory, we can go through it calmly. That the feelings of happiness, sorrow, anger, frustration, rage, can still maintain their authenticity. Simultaneously, there is a more fluid nature in going through those emotions, with the aid of water.

On a rainy day, when we are writing, metaphorically, we are swimming through the sea, ocean, or any other large bodies of water. Our pen represents our Souls. The words conveys our spiritual and emotional markings, gliding through silkened waters. We feel the intensity of our emotions, and the aesthetics, connecting them, more when we write through the time and rhythm of water. Its why rainy days are so sacred for the writing world. They are sacred and precious. And, they should never be missed. Missing an opportunity to write on a rainy day is a missed opportunity to dance with the Soul. As opposed to getting “depressed” when it comes to rainy days, as writers, let’s celebrate for another opportunity to dive into that magical world of writing.

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In all fairness, it feels good to write during a “rainy day.” Even if our emotions do not match the goodness of that experience, for the time Being. Which leads to another attribute of a rainy day. An attribute pertaining to the artistry of spiritual cleansing. Water purifies the physical and the emotional. Water cleanses. Therefore, when we allow our Spirit to come to the forefront on a rainy day, we are allowing our emotions to be cleansed. We are allowing water to purge any toxicities, that are stuck within our bodies. Quite honestly, it is significant for writers to go through a monthly, weekly, and even daily cleansing. It is a nourishing essence. While our words continue to bring healing to others, we need to make sure that nature is healing the very essence of self. It is imperative that writers make sure to cleanse our minds and Spirits, so that our words are clean. Clean words (words that are truthful and authentic in conveying of reality) continues the richness and nutrition of writing. Its that simple. Its that natural.

Even on foggy days, one can feel the whispers of water. That is for another writing piece on its own. The invisibilities of water, while continuing to give illusions of it, is something to experience, when on a foggy day.

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Lessons learned in missing out on writing on a rainy day means that one will be better prepared for another day of rain. It means that one has gained experience in how to matriculate through those rainy days. That one will find liberation in utilizing rainy days to allow, forgotten emotions to come to the forefront. Thereby, giving self-love, in allowing one’s emotions to purge through. The sacredness of words is cared for and nourished. Seeing rainy days as opportunities for self-love and self-healing. Moving forward in one’s artistry and ability to convey and paint the sensory of words. The nutrition of writing in every way.

Today, is foggy day. Who knows if the rain will come. Just write through the day. Write passionately and within those experiences of the day. Allow oneself to immerse through the beauty of writing in water’s time. Its intrinsic and keeps one’s overall presence in the rhythm, fluidity, and patterns of water. One becomes aware that writing is not rigid. Its not supposed to be. And, during those rainy days, one is reminded, as to how truly connected we are to the listeners, we are writing for. I’m sure they have had plenty of rainy days of their own. Which means that quite a number of rainy days have been healing days for those who are needing it.

A foggy morning has awakened. Perhaps it will transition into a rainy one. Nevertheless, the pen is moving fluidly. Fluidly, in hand. And, with the rhythms of water’s palette, comes the cleansing of sands. Remember the memories of our rainy days, as they bring valuable lessons, and directions, into magical lands.

(Source: www.freepik.com)
(Source: www.freepik.com)

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