A Piece of Writing Can Save Your Life

A Write-up everyday keeps the stress away

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Think of a situation when you got dumped by an interviewer even you were all prepared for the interview when asked some unexpected questions or in a public speaking people mocked at you cause’ you got perplexed in your own thoughts and unable to speak clearly, effectively. Even in any relationship things goes well until the time one is expressing himself or herself freely and understand each other equally well. But what happens when one stuck in his or her own clutter of thoughts and over the time backlash into a deep sorrow of desolation.

As the world is progressing the number is also increasing simultaneously. Now we have a lot more social media platforms to connect, enact and to share but genuinely do the lives of such users using these sites are actually as awesome as they pretend it to be? Then think twice that what you are actually sharing or doing is really you want to do from inside or is it just a social hypocrisy you are a victim of or can say everybody is following blindly these days.

Research proves that out of every 100/60% of people are struggling with their own thoughts and become introvert not by their own choice but due to psychological pressure from outside.

Now the question is where this psychological pressure comes from and why?

Here are some of the broad reasons:

1. The environment where one brought up

2. Excessive Competition

3. Feeling of Inferiority among others

4. Public Shaming

5. Fear of Public speaking

6. Low Self-confidence

7. Peoples Judgement about you

8. And what people will think

These are some of the factors people are going through and regularly struggling with the fear of getting wrong and rejected by others who they feel are superior to them.

‘Writing’ is that one friend which has the power to cure and curb all your problems. Only a piece of write up a day can do miracles in your life like never before. It absorbs all your flaws, tension, stress, anxiety, hesitation, frustration and every single thing that stops you to make an expression smoothly in front of others without judging you. Cause’ no one is actually looking into your journal so be honest to your write-up. In return, your write-up keeps your things secret.

Express from the core of your heart, every single thought and emotion that is going within, your views on anything that matters or you can write your daily happenings as well. Write anything, anywhere, anytime where you find peace but do remember the write-up must be the reflection of you. When you have done just go back in time and read that piece. You will discover the problems and their answers in front of you. Things that you actually feel, that you really want to say to yourself and to others is actually there in it it’s just you need to be more conscious about your own thoughts.

By daily practicing the habit of writing down your heart and soul gives you clarity and confidence to speak up that you previously lacking. Now you understand things much better comparatively. Once you involve this habit in your daily routine you will gradually start observing new changes in you, around you and in your relationships. You will explore a new you in you.

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