A Motivational Story of Elyani Diaz Who Mines 7 Figure Revenue in Today’s Competitive World

Unlike others, there are inspiring and motivating stories. Elyani Diaz’s story is one of the same kinds. Who is Elyani Diaz, and how did she mark 7 figure milestones? Let’s get started right away.

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How to be successful in life? This is certainly one of the questions that all of us have asked ourselves at least once in our lives.

For some, success means wealth; for others, it means authority or power. Each of us has his own conception of success, which derives from his aspirations and the ambitions he has set in his life.

To find success, we look for answers in books, newspapers, on TV, but there is no universal magic formula for everyone. However, there are attitudes and good practices that can guide you towards achieving your goals.

The keyword to be successful lies precisely in the mindset, in the approach we have when we set ourselves goals to achieve.

Unlike others, there are inspiring and motivating stories. Elyani Diaz’s story is one of the same kinds. Who is Elyani Diaz, and how did she mark 7 figure milestones? Let’s get started right away.

Brief Introduction of Elyani Diaz

25 years old Elyani was born in Cuba; it’s an impoverished country and in terrible condition, because absence of health care facilities, good education, and jobs opportunities. Many people say Cuba is excellent for vacation, but you will see the truth if you grew up there, and it’s unfortunate. People are starving because they are only allowed a certain amount of food per month, and sometimes there is no food or money, so people starve to death. 

Later Years of Embarking the Journey as an Option Trader 

After a few tries her dad finally made it out of Cuba and moved to the USA while Elyani was in high school. After a few years, he was able to take them to the United States. She never went to college because she had to help her parents, working 2-3 jobs at the time.

Soon she realized that she didn’t want this kind of life, and then she started looking at successful people and trying to figure out how they did it. She started reading a lot of self-development books. One day she attended an event, and there were many successful speakers who were billionaires and multi-millionaires. One of them was a hedge fund manager, and he pulled out a $100 bill and asked the audience, “If you give me $5, I’ll give you $100”. Many people from the audience ran to him to exchange their $5 bill for a $100 bill, and then he said, “How would you like to know how to turn your $5 into $100?” that’s when I got interested in trading. 

How Elyani levelled up the mark the 7 figure milestone

After few months of studying, Elyani finally started trading. She put $800 USD to start and then she grew it to $3800 within 3 days, Elyani said: “I didn’t know at the time that I was just getting lucky because the stock kept going up. When it did finally go down, I didn’t know how to cut my loss so, I ended up getting a margin call then I ended up blowing the whole $3800.”

This went on for 2 straight years, every time she deposit money into her account, it would grow a little bit then get wiped out. She never gave up because she had won before and knew it was possible. After some time Elyani regularly post her trades on Instagram, just to keep a journal and to avoid mistakes because her flowers are watching so this keeps her focused and disciplined. Her followers grew and a lot of people started asking questions. She always replies to everyone because she loves helping other people. Last year, she grew $20k to $1.5 million in just one month by trading options.

Trading Option Course by Elyani

After getting a ton of request Elyani decided to create a course, in this course on Options you will get to know the strengths of options trading, starting from the basic definitions to get to the first strategies. Options are a fantastic tool, both for those who want to work with stocks while not having a lot of capital, and for those who prefer a more speculative approach. You will learn how to identify: entry points, volatility and time decay, deadlines and objectives, risk management, exit points. If you want to be a professional option trader, come join Elyani Diaz.

The options are particularly suitable for those who do not have much time to dedicate to the markets and for those who want to sleep peacefully at night, without feeling the pressure of the market. Once you understand the mechanism, with this operation it will only take 30 minutes a day to be able to manage your savings like a true professional.

Message to Followers 

“Failure is simply the opportunity to start over, this time in a smarter way”

If you want to know how to be successful in life, you need to learn not to experience failure as a burden, but as an opportunity. Each failure can be a lesson and can teach you what NOT to do to achieve your goals.

WHAT TO DO? Don’t have an attitude of resignation and don’t stop at the first obstacle you encounter in life. The road to learning how to be successful are certainly a long one and you may not be able to get results right away.

For this you will have to test what works for you, make mistakes and start over hundreds of times. The best lessons are learned from failures. Live it positively and always learn from your mistakes.

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