A Morning Guide To Having A Productive Day

Struggle with the whole morning thing? We al know they aren't for everyone. Or are they? Here are some tips to help make your morning the beginning of a positive and productive day!

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By TheLiteratureBugBlog

Let’s be honest: there are so many things that can influence a good morning (especially for those of us who are NOT morning people). For a majority, mornings are the hardest part of the day; no matter the time, it’s always “too early.” We hate our wardrobe and can’t decide what to wear, the toast is burnt, the kids aren’t listening….when can we go back to bed?! Even vinas who pride themselves on waking at the crack of dawn have been there. We all have those days.

As a morning vina myself, there are elements of an a.m. routine that you can look forward to. With a few changes, you too don’t have to dread mornings.


First and most important, you have to give yourself enough time to perk up and get ready. One of the worst habits a vina can have while preparing for a productive day full of positive vibes is rush. Choose an alarm sound that doesn’t make you want to crawl back into bed. Something natural sounding, like water flowing or birds chirping works for some people. Others need that fire alarm type. Find what works best for you, and get up when you intended to in the first place. You’ll thank yourself later.


A shower at night can be relaxing and promote sleep, but in the morning, it can act as an energy boost! Choose a playlist or podcast that excites you or gets you thinking and use that to set the mood for the day. Sometimes these moments of clarity and being alone are rare throughout the day, so take advantage of the morning me-time!


Breakfast is ESSENTIAL. Sending nutrients into your body should always be a priority. Plus, who else can get a little hangry without it? Make breakfast (whether savory or sweet) something that will fill you and will be easy to prepare. Smoothies are always a good option for a vina on the run.


I know I’m not the only vina who can empty a closet and dirty a room in less than 10 minutes while just trying to find something to wear. Our clothes are a form of expression but aren’t always the most fun to pick out when we are flustered and feeling rushed. Take the time to lay out your outfit the night before you wear it. Feeling even more productive? Spend time on Sundays planning your wardrobe for the whole week!


Find an outlet that helps you collect and organize your thoughts before running out the door. Meditate. Use a journal or planner to keep your to-do’s in order. Read a couple of pages out of a book you’re into, or even just a positive quote to get you started. Go for a walk or run. Just set a timer and dive in. Even the smallest amount of “you time” is a life saver.

So vinas, however simple these few morning tips seem, the power to start the day right is in your hands. The more you strive for the motivational and successful day, the more it will show in the outcome. Loving and nurturing your mind, spirit and body is key to a successful life, and I know you’ve got it in you!

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