A Heart-y Word to the Wise

If we want complete change, it is not enough to change only our thoughts. We must first focus our awareness on all matters from the heart.

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Language is a symbolic representation for reality. So, if you want to distort your reality, then choose distorted language as narrative. If you want to normalize your reality, pay very close attention to the language YOU are using to describe your experience, as well as the experience around you, for they are one and the same.

Any heightened state of fear, division, and confusion embedded in your language will heighten the distortions of your perceived experience. All aberrant emotions, such as fear, anxiety, resentment and frustration, release neurochemical cascades in the body, effectively suppressing the immune system. This suppression makes the body more susceptible to host virus and disease.

I believe that fear-based dissonant emotions, bound through language, weaken the body’s natural immunity so it is easier to succumb to illness. Fear-based language functions as limited building blocks for reality, constructing (and deconstructing) health and consciousness. When resonating in constructs that constrict us, we tend to lose our connection to higher-level reasoning.

When in fear, our amygdala / prefrontal cortex gets hijacked and we disconnect from source (as resourcefulness). We lose connection to our intuition. We lose connection to innate intelligence. We lose connection to our innate ability to heal.

In this pandemic of fear, we lose sight of a ‘unidemic’ truth above it all– meaning above the drama, duality, noise, and confusion. In fear, we lose sight of the heart of all matters.

Time to reboot your connection

Time to reboot your connection. Upgrade your software programs, and rewrite your linguistic code.

In support of this reality reset, consider disengaging from the technocracy platforms that feed off divisive dialogue. Stop participating in rhetoric designed to bifurcate, or divide, minds and trigger fight-or-flight stress physiology.

You can modulate your stress adaptation response. You are responsible for your addiction to distraction.

‘Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave’

To inoculate yourself from divisive narratives, be mindful of the consciousness you hold when you express your truth. There are less than six degrees of separation between righteous indignation and entitlement. Both are breeding grounds for separatism.

A rant on a platform fundamentally innervated by division, fear, and aggression will simply breed more divisive fear (and aggression) in your physiology – while also feeding your fear to the masses.

You may be relatively right, vs. those that seem to have a different perspective. But the real perpetrator (behind the curtain of bifurcation) has all sides crazed right where they want us. We are staged in suspended animation, spinning ideas of truth divisively into a hardwired net of fear. ‘We’ are still ‘they’ in an artificially woven web divided.

Remember, the platform web is not reality. The platform web is a representative stage of reality. The platform web is simply a code of language.

If you are going to be an armchair activist or an end-times epidemiologist, model yourself with precise language. Measure your words accordingly from a consciousness of unity rather than division.

Who do YOU want to be?

Do you want to be a sovereign being?

Then language yourself as one. Change up your dialogue right where you are, inside your psyche, and your immediate reality realigns accordingly.

The bifurcation (what I call bi-fear-cation) of reality is a virus of the mind. Access the deep inner alchemy of the heart, that which is unity consciousness – as within so without.

If you want to end the bi-fear-cation of the mind, focus your agenda from the heart first, and steer clearly toward where YOU want to go.

Where do YOU want to go?

Where do WE want to resonate?

We can spread wings of love even if the planes temporarily seem unable to fly. We can radiate light without making it about darkness. We can evoke unity without provoking division.

We can speak truth that is greater than the sum of what seems to be falling apart. The unity consciousness we embody (when we speak perceived truth) matters more than the divisive deceptions we may seek to reveal.

Let the universal language of the heart – unity consciousness – be the wind beneath your wings. Let your words go viral as one carrier wave of love. On every platform. Behind every shadow. Through every stage of this pandemic. In total light of what seems to be happening.

Reality Reset.

Love has no duality

“The heart recognizes the unity of all that is and also knows that love is the cohesive force that binds everything. Love has no duality.

Heart-centered awareness is love as a unified holistic intelligence that is the creative force driving all consciousness. The heart is our inner connection and interconnection with all that is . . . love.

If we want complete change, it is not enough to change only our thoughts. We must first focus our awareness on all matters from the heart. As the heart has no polarity, creating from the heart allows for a unified, coherent, and congruent expression of love.

From this wholehearted truth as unity, the mind may follow the heart and perform its part to actualize, implement, and experience.

Create from the heart a unified state of being, always guiding the polarized mind to not mind being in all matters. Complete change is found in the inclusive language of the heart.

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