A Golden Name, For A Naming Dame! GOLDIE HARVEY #WomensHistoryMonth2021

The Power Of Saying A Name, and Its Versatility Through Different Personas, In The Video, "Say Me Name," By The Late, Nigerian Singer and Songwriter-GOLDIE HARVEY! #Nigeria #Nigerians

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There are many things that come to a name. Certain names are just memorable! When it come to love, how a person says a name carries loads of weight. For men and women relationships, how a person says a name carries a great amount of weight. How that name is spoken, the gentility behind the tone, and different colors, for that matter, all carries its baggage. The tenderness when a lover says a person’s name all plays its part. The way in which a person’s name can be said carries holistic tenderness, when it comes to how a name is spoken. And, if a man comes to show romantic interest, how does he express that desire for a woman’s affections, by the very saying of her name? What does that mean? Furthermore, how does one go on to understand this sacred beauty of love? How a man says your name determines how he has decided to connect with you, through the concept of Universal sound! It’s a spiritual essence and trait about it. The way he speaks your name determines how he wishes to take you there on a spiritual level. When songs like these are written, people are experiencing a blessed thing.

Wrapping up our first series with Nigerian landscapes, we return back to one of our Nigerian darlings, whose name will never be forgotten. There are different glitters to gold. Of course, golden opportunities can never be forgotten. If you heard of her name, the sparkles continue to arise. Her name is none other than. . .

GOLDIE HARVEY; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Even if you did not listen to her, or were not aware of her, during the time when she was living, you cannot deny that she was courageous in exploring her artistic expression. She was fierce and daring in her artistic expression, when trying something new. Doing things and speaking things that others were afraid to do! Now, that’s golden! One of the songs, and videos, which clearly highlighted such was the song, “Say My Name.” Different levels of artistry continue to permeate throughout the video. Colors. Characters. Designs. Shapes. Personas. All of them are performed when dealing with the ecstasy, of love! These myriad characters do their part in depicting the meaning for “saying one’s name.” Paintings and story lines are expressed within this video. There are different textures and performance masterpieces, which permits the story line on love, to take place. Certain narratives come into play, which peak the imagination. Adventures arise. The world of fiction takes on its particular form of artistry. And, through this one video, a woman can reflect on her own fantasies, yearnings, and passionate adventures, as it pertains to, love! The lyrics even hint to such.

When I look in your eyes, you make me feel like I wanna’ fly, touch the sky Ya’ love defined my troubles, defined my troubles I never felt this way, before

The first two lines (within the stanza) are intriguing. For one, there is that eye-to-eye contact. For a man to be willing to look inside of a woman’s eyes creates a Spirit of trust and honesty. Through that eye contact, a woman is being granted with a certain level of protection. What is being stated is that he is willing to be vulnerable and open to her presence. He is willing to permit her to see him, and he to see her. It’s just that simple. Should a person reveal their eyes to you, they are permitting a sacred level of intimacy. No barriers. No secrets. No lies. You are granted the opportunity to look deeper-to see things clearer. You are given the opportunity to become connected, and re-developed into truth. Never forget that honesty is one of the cores of intimacy. It permits the release of mental and emotional barriers. People are granted the power to be transparent. No more masks, for they can now truly be themselves.

Certain poignant points within the video permit us to understand the natural side of woman-while even carrying on that intimacy with the Earth. For example, in scenes 2:27 and 3:37, viewers observe Goldie performing her role as a character of the divine feminine. She holds in her hand an apple, sporting tree branches in her hair, doting green and gold makeup, which reflects her connection to the Earth. That very character, alone, cements a reflection of holistic intimacy, love, and its connection to the Earth. When love is authentic, that natural, feminine creature of Divinity always arises to give her blessing. The nature of Rock n’ Roll (one Black American musical genre) is also coupled, and highlighted in the video, as well. Simply looking through the different images and characters, Goldie Harvey continues to re-invent herself through each phase of the video. It’s also one of the silent nectar and natures of woman. That chamelion change! What does it mean? What does it mean to transform into these different personas? Clearly, it requires a lot of work. Artistic work, in fact. However, it also applauds us, for our ability to move through, and perform them. After all, there are a reflection of those different pieces, which solidifies our presence, through the art of, WOMAN!

Within the video, “Say My Name,” it is clear that GOLDIE has created a level of affirmation in the very claiming of her identity. There is another scene where GOLDIE appears to be walking through the clouds. Should we decide to delve a little further, we can present such as being part of that larger than life person; reconnecting woman to that Heavenly hue! It feels even more euphoric, should we decide to delve into each character-one by one. Then, there is the scene for a girl to simply, have some fun! It’s a summer day on the beach. The sun is brightly shining and that golden smile is enjoying time with the one she loves. It’s a natural day, for that golden glow.

Then, of course, we have this reflection and mirroring between the worlds of reality and fiction. It’s the world of fantasy, and our bringing it into reality. The entire video radiates for such. Our beloved GOLDIE continues to represent herself within multiple words, through the imagination. We have those stories, which moves us into the different designs of imagination. Ah! For once, we are able to navigate outside of reality’s hardships, and dream just for a little bit. For once. For women, dreaming, and fantasizing, about love creates an intrinsic view! We are allowed to release ourselves form the intensities and agonies of being separated from love. At least, in that very moment, we are permitted to do that. Through much of the matters, we are even granted a very taste into the fantasy, that we wish to live and create, for our own lives.

When a woman hears her name, and hears it properly, she can sense the intentions behind it. What are the reasons for a woman to say a woman’s name? Well, for starters, acknowledgement is one of them. Then, there is the desire to be noticed and recognized. Of course, there are those desires in wanting to be celebrated; for one’s womanhood to be cherished. A dame, in her natural state, wants to be honored. She yearns to be understood, caressed, and comforted. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. If she has to proclaim for you to “say her name,” in order for you to get the message, then so be it. There are times when such just needs to be stated. A woman has to feel nourished. She has to feel cared for, and in her element. Lastly, she has to feel that she is appreciated. If you put all of these elements together, you are sure to find that she is willing to share with you, every manner and aspect, surrounding her creativity. Also, don’t forget that eye-to-eye contact! Oh, how useful, it truly is!

There are other words, in which a person can hear within the song. For starters, what is often repeated is “bread and butter.” Two ingredients, which are as old as Cane and Abel. Bread and butter always create a level of nourishment. Always! That’s the other wellness factor. Food is the equivalent of love. Of course, I don’t mean the use of food to create a false energy of love, or to keep a man trapped. No. Food which is made to nourish the mind, body, and Soul. It is a wellness factor, to say the least. The Darling Goldie makes sure to keep the audience entertained and supported. She is with them in this high energy and unfamiliar territory, in the recognition of one’s existence to be heard. Let’s also not forget about that pivotal scene, where GOLDIE HARVEY is twirling around in circles, while repeating those very same desires into the public. Wearing a silver dress, in similar fashion as those Beyonce-styled pumps! Another character, who is expressing the very same thing.

Lastly, we have the depictions of the dark. After all, it is during the night with the creativity is bloomed. It is in the dark, where those Universal treasures are housed. Throughout the video, we to see that. We observe GOLDIE in her eloquence, as she permits the dark to soothe her. It is not a place of fear. It is not a color, which hinders. Not at all. In fact, it is a place for music’s vitality. It is a sacred and blessed place, where joy and wellness come to life. Through and through, we have come to observe just how beautiful a black scenery can me. Different characters come to life, through this phasing. Theatrics and storytelling come alive! We could also converse more upon the vintage-themed scene, that she conveys in the video. That’s another lesson to be learned. Light and darkness are complements of each other. Creativity is manifested in the dark, as the light illuminates it into Being.

Last, and, definitely, not the least, is the adventure she takes with her lover, through water’s haven. She is the captain of this ship. Leading the way, love is by her side. He is there, all the while, supporting her in this adventure together. Highlighting the video with different scenes of water adds to the gentility of reality. Reality is beautiful. It can be nurturing and chaotic, simultaneously. Of course, they come together to ensure that we are safe, when reaching through our passageway. Water is healer. Yet, she can also be that fabulous dame, always showing us a greater time, should we permit her to do so. Yes, my Darlings. Love and water, DO mix!

Other artistic, makeup paintings give rise to the different characters that GOLDIE HARVEY continues to play. Like the very spirit of water, they are fluid, concerning their trajectory in how they move throughout different spaces. The fluidity of these different characters for the video, “Say My Name,” are wrapped into one persona. It goes to show just how versatile, intrinsic, and eclectic A NAME, can be!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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