A Golden Healing For A Nightclub’s Delight! GOLDIE HARVEY #WomensHistoryMonth2021

The Late Nigerian Singer, and Big Brother Africa Star, GOLDIE HARVEY, and the Performance Of The Night Life's Wellness, In Her Song, "Miliki" Featuring Navio! #Nigeria #WomensHistoryMonth2021

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Nightlife! The club scenes, are intriguing spaces, indeed! What makes them euphoric is their essence within the course of the night. Through their presence, nighttime is no longer scary. In fact, it’s a place of Universal celebration. Through the night, stories are revealed. Romance takes place. Friendships blossom or become revealed. The nighttime can truly be the right time for experiencing all of the rhythms of life’s decor. What is it about the club scene and the night? Could it be that nightclubs are one of those sacred avenues where a person is able to live out the fiction of reality? Is it that nightclubs makes a person feel as if they are somebody? The alter ego. That no matter where a person comes from, their Being is transformed as someone worth being celebrated, within the course of, the night! Perhaps, the nighttime is when people become most in tune, and in performance mode, for that Universal magic of nightly blessings. It’s a picturesque view of creative wealth, from fashion, music, modeling, and the decoration of the space, which permits individuals to reconnect with that greater Universal aesthetics; often imitated in art, music, film, and others. Nighttime parties and club atmospheres are liberating. The music. Dancing. Parties. All types of scenery. It feels so good. So, well. So, ALIVE! People feel free and removed from the pains and hostilities, which arise through life’s challenges. It’s the special world! It’s the magical world and it provides us with that healing factor-where fun is through the very existence of performance!

Certain music videos are reflections of the liveliness of the night-the excitement of it all! You feel that excitement and rush of profound healing. There is a great hype in the music. Toxicity is released and finally you come to understand what true livin‘ is really about! It’s a moment of understanding for our true purpose on this Earth. It is more than what we have been programmed to believe! The purpose and euphoria centers on the realization that we are meant to experience spiritual wealth, freedom, and abundance. We are meant to find a place of centering and enjoyment on Earth. Lastly, our interaction with others should be a spiritual ecstasy and an appreciation of other Beings, who desire to experience wellness, in the very context and course of fun. That’s real! Holistic fun! One where a person does not have to demean their very existence in the process. You walk in. You experience the vibe. Caring to others, acknowledging others, and you simply do it. You have fun!

https://www.google.com/amp/s/latestnaija.com/watch-goldie-ft-navio-miliki/%3famp; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Nightclubs are found through every region of the world. When built right, and with the right energies, they bring spiritual and emotional healing to any given space. They should be places of tenderness, where food and drink bring peace-not addiction! Kindly reflect upon the latter. Certain artists are able to create such a wonder! Certain people are granted the opportunity to reflect that nightclub love! They just have that vibe! Such artists carry a glimmering light, which compels them to add glitter to any space. It feels good!

Moving into the world of Nigeria, we come across one late dame, who understood how to make the party scene a world of it’s own. Whenever she walked into the spacing, the energies simply lit up . They were able to convey the club hype in their music videos, and portray it in a way, where you felt you were missing out, if you were not there. You wanted to be there, because THEY were, there!

What people should come to understand is that nightclub life is a very segment of ART, in it’s own right! You have the fashion. Interior design. Culinary. Drink artistry. Music. Dance. Performance. The Social Factor. Model-like forms. There are so many different layers, which corresponds to this entity of a social, nightclub life. Moving into the world of Nigeria, there was one dame, who perfectly understood how to convey all of these factors; and display them, artistically well! She is gone, but the artistry continues to stick around. Her name is none other than the one and only,



The video for her song, “Miliki,” is a perfect anecdote for the wellness and beauty of the nightclub life; a beautiful scenery for a healing vibe of the club life. A fashion show. Dance scene. Demonstration of decor. The Power of Feminine Unity. Visual Paintings on the wall. The very entrance of the video is captivating and magical. It’s the fashion which leads the way. To be dressed with the eloquence of Universal geometry. Being in the midst of other feminine dames is an intriguing manner in its own right. Having that feminine support in the very liveliness of fun is an adventure on its own. Dressed up. Glammed up. And looking cut from the bottom to the very top. That’s what its all about. Then, there is the power of confidence There is the grand entrance into the nightclub scene; another affirmation, where one feels they belong! Knowing one’s humanity is meant to be there, for that moment, and in that time. Drinks are exchanged and the music is lit! Of course, what is phenomenal about the overall club atmosphere is that it creates different avenues in how you produce your grand entrance.

There are some people who move with dance, when they enter into the club. As soon as they are inside, the rhythm compels them into wellness. Whatever problems and worries, which may have arisen, prior to, are laid to rest; at least for that temporary moment. Then there are such persons, who are in chill mode. They enter into the venue, find the nearest bar seat or couch, and just, chill! Listening to the music, with drink in hand, such individuals demonstrate the class, sheek auras, and stilled photographic images, which can be found in the club atmosphere. The fashionable attire, interior design, makeup, plus the decor, has the power to transform the club dynamics into a spatial haven of hype sophistication, with traces of elegance. And so, our beloved Goldie takes her seat at the club bar. Sending a drink back to a love interest, only for him to return her a bottle! Raise your glasses Baby! Raise them high! Everything is simple and clear-clear cut and straight to the point.

https://jaguda.com/music-mp3/new-video-goldie-miliki-ft-navio/; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

If you are Black American, phrases such as “get down on it,” “get down,” and “push up on it” are evident of our own linguistics, which have been reflected in the song. Of course, our musical genre of Hip Hop and House Beats are also present. Thank you, Goldie! Of course, you hear the echoes of one Nigerian, linguistic tongue. That’s all good! There are many sounds of love! Many languages and dialects, too!

Another healer within Goldie’s video (featuring Navio) is that she is immersed in water. Water is a natural element. Whether it be in the pool or in a natural water source, it is a source of life. Right there, in the midst of a club environment (and scene), she has submerged herself within it. Some people may not see its significance. However, there is a reason for everything-even when it does not appear to be in the back of our subconscious. Submerging herself within the naturalness of water (and within an urban environment) highlights the beauty of her womanhood-a Nigerian womanhood, at that. A particular, Nigerian womanhood, even more. Should we decide to take it there, we can envision a level of peace and comfort being symbolized between the natural and the urban. It goes to show that together, there can be harmony between the two. In fact, nature shows up in the urban context, whether we have planned for it to happen, or not. That’s just how it happens. We cannot escape nature should we decide to, or not. And, quite honestly, when nature is further highlighted in the urban context, a soothing elixir caresses the very image of a woman. That’s just how it is! The scene with Goldie in the pool, with a floral pendant on her midnight colored ensemble, is another symbol of what has been mentioned previously.

https://www.louisdike.com/2013/05/new-video-goldie-ft-navio-miliki.html?m=1; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

What is so beautiful about this video is how it moves us to understand just how healthy the club scene (and environment) can. It is one of many examples. Nevertheless, Goldie brings her own unique touch! She made sure to leave the elegance, and creativity, of her image, behind! The song, and video, demonstrates the celebration of life. Within its portrayal of club aesthetics, humanity is celebrated for the myriad forms of individuality and creative expression. It’s a beautiful and telling atmosphere. Within this form of digital artistry, the club scene is an imaginative reflection (and personification) of Universal creativity, on display! It is intricate, while simultaneously, carrying on the very element of, FUN! When done right, and with a holistic touch, the club atmosphere can be described as a gift from Divinity, within, itself. Oh, the wonders, in what happens when we are truly using the club environment, as a wellness center; void of toxicity and the “need” to contribute to additions, and unhealthy practices, which are damaging to the very psyche. Not only do they plague the very auras of the club scene, but they hide this unknown beauty in how it can truly be used for the enhancement of urban society.

Then, of course, there are, the women! Sisterhood and the joy of being among women was illuminated within “Miliki.” Too often, the club scene is portrayed as an atmosphere of rivalry, jealousy, and competition among women. And yet, Goldie’s golden heart displays the very contrary. Throughout the video, women are showcased as enjoying each other’s company. There is a festive atmosphere as they dance among each other; enjoying the culture of womanhood. That feminine energy is portrayed as something, which is familiar. Antagonistic behaviors do not linger within the scenery. Sisterhood and female bonding is heavily depicted within the video. Women are comfortable with each other. And, when women come together to dance, it is one of the highest forms of feminine celebration. When observing the women in dance performance, it is evident that they are not directly dancing for men-for male appeasement or entertainment. In fact, they are dancing for themselves, and for each other. Here is a little secret. When women align in the spirit of dance (wherever it may be), a wave of feminine energy rushes in to bring healing to the space. It’s contagious and awakens those women,who may have even been in slumber, as it concerns their femininity and womanhood. Once such energies are felt, a woman can no longer feel that she is “unfeminine, unattractive, or ugly.” No! Upon this collective of dance’s healing, those broken women cannot help, but to embrace their femininity and womanhood . Of course, they must be open in doing so. However, when you have a golden vibe, you can’t mope around for too long-at least not in this scenario. And, the traces of black, red, and gold, within Goldie’s attire, continues to reflect the mystery, treasures, and lightning energies, which are found in this nightclub. Lest we never forget that attire is spiritual. The colors, and how we decorate ourselves, are reflections of our own Universal footprints on Earth’s spacing. The people we may come in contact with are reflections of our own beauty. Always remember this! Humanity is intertwined, whether we are conscious of it, or not.

https://allafrica.com/view/group/main/main/id/00024744.html; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The final ending of the video is telling. The place has been emptied. Left alone are two women laying on the couch; leaving Goldie to look around in disbelief! Hmmm. . .Could this special world all have been a dream? The fantasy of this holistic experience in the club scene, only for her to awaken herself back to reality? Perhaps. Yet, sometimes,its in dreams, where the golden celebrations, lay! Not always do you want to, awake!

https://onobello.com/hot-flick-goldie-lives-on-watch-miliki-featuring-navio; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark


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