A change in the Game Plan

Don't be a slave to your plans, that's not what they are there for.

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Let us be real for a second. No matter what it is you are doing in life, whether it is starting a business, taking on a new career, planning a family vacation or just doing life there is always a game plan.

You may not call it a game plan but you still have a logical sequence of events and things that need to happen in order for you to reach the goal or the outcome you desire.

This is no different, most of us went into 2020 with a game plan, an intention, a desire to achieve something or make this the year we finally start that dream we have been putting off.

However, life is not always that simple. Things happen and unexpected situations can leave you wondering what to do now or where to go from here. I want to share with you some tips on how I look at any plan, whether in my business or in my personal life, so that when the unexpected happens it does not leave me at a loss.

  1. Be in Flow

    Rigidity is the killer of all things. What I mean by this is when you hold on to a plan for dear life and are unable to entertain any other idea, it is a recipe for disaster. What you want is to have a plan that is more of a guideline so that you can be inflow. Leaving room to adapt and change as the plan is improved on.
  2. Have an option A, B and C

    Never rely on only just one plan or one outcome. My mother in law to this day preaches this message “ Plan A is useless without a good Plan C” . So if the situation allows, have alternative game plans up your sleeve.
  3. Roll with it.

    If you notice that another option will be better then roll with it, and put the original game plan on pause. You can still work at it, but don’t ever let an opportunity miss you because you are fixated on one plan. 
  4. Control

    Accept that you cannot control everything, and focus on the aspects that you do have control over. Once you start looking at aspects that are in your control, you tend to see more options open to you.

Let your plans guide you, be a suggestion and by remaining flexible you stay in control. You have the option and the power to change those plans as and when you need to.

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