A CALL TO ACTION with Corey Smith

We Are All In This Together

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It isn’t everyday that I receive the opportunity to interview a childhood friend on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald. Quite honestly, it was a bittersweet experience for me and at times, difficult to maintain my emotional composure from beginning to end. Although, I clung to my professional hat…I fell apart after closing out the show with my friend and global radio guest, Corey Smith.

I am referring to this article as I did on radio, A CALL TO ACTION! I rarely ask anyone for anything, however, the compassionate and empathetic person in you (the reader), will quickly come to understand, why I am asking you for your support for Corey and his seven year old daughter, Evelyn. 

Before I dive deep into enlightening you with the facts and the details of Corey’s story, (as also described in the enclosed podcast link) let me first preface how proud, and humbled Corey Smith is and has always been as a fellow human being. Corey has always stepped up for others in need – those known to him personally as well as to the plights of those who remain both faceless and nameless to him but whose message has penetrated his soul. 

Corey has always been a contributor and a willing participant in elevating the human level of consciousness and the collective spirit of all humanity. Corey’s inherent DNA has always been deeply embedded in paying it forward and being of service to others – and without batting an eye or choosing to turn a blind eye. ‘We Are All In This Together,’ could have very well been coined by Corey himself as someone who walks, talks, and breathes love and kindness for all.
Sadly, and unfortunately…the tables in life have turned, and now it is Corey and Corey’s family who has found themselves in the position of requiring external support and assistance. None of us are immune from ‘life’ happening to us, either. It is not only refreshing to see good people win in life, more importantly, it is inspiring to see deserving people (Corey) have the boomerang of generosity return back into the very hands of those who are forever casting it out into the Universe. 

I am kindly asking for us to all unite in being a part of the solution for Corey and Corey’s family rather than merely perusing his dilemma within the write up of this article. I am setting my intention that Corey and his daughter can once again, #Thrive as opposed to simply survive their chronic mode of current struggle and hardship. Knowing Corey as well as I do, he would only ever want that for all of us here and for our own children. 

Corey…I know you will eventually read this. I will never grow tiresome in reminding you of how much you are loved and embraced. I know you feel like an island unto yourself. I know you have been hit upside the head with multi-faceted layers of grief, loss, and despair. I am not here to pretend that I can fathom your newfound reality. I am however, here as your friend for life. I will continue to support in ways I do not need to publicly make mention of here. 

You, Corey, are a phenomenal father, husband, and human being. I feel your pain. I see your heart. There is no shame for any of us when we find ourselves submerged in the abyss of our own darkness, and need others to shower us and infuse us with restored brightness and lightness. Asking for help is a strength. Being vulnerable is a strength. It is your time, Corey. We are here for you. 

On a personal note, I thank each and every single person who already has, and who will take the time, and who will make the effort to connect with Corey, and assist in whichever ways you graciously can. From the centre of my heart…I thank you! I appreciate you!
On behalf of both Corey and myself, we wish to extend and express our wholehearted gratitude to each of you, for kindly taking the time to listen to our interview together, (click on the enclosed podcast link) for sharing it out so as to receive additional support for Corey and his daughter, Evelyn, and also for anything further you may kindly wish to do for Corey, beyond the reading of this Feature Article, and the listening of our radio interview. Much love to you all!

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
#Grateful #ThriveThursday #ThriveGlobal #LivingFearlessly  


Corey Smith, port and musician, has been a self-employed carpenter, knife-maker, and now residential wastewater systems designer. 
The husband of Sophie Smith, they have a daughter, Evelyn. Corey met Sophie at the ashram of their spiritual teacher in 2003 and fell in love at first sight. 

They settled in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, in 2006, and since 2008 have called BC’s Sunshine Coast, Home.

Sophie, a longtime graphic artist and web-designer, was genetically tested for mutations to genes associated with Fronto-temporal dementia, and ALS and was found to carry both mutations. 

After a long and heartfelt look at the possibilities, they decided to go ahead with their plans to have a child, and Evelyn was born in 2012.
Sometime in the spring before Evelyn’s fourth birthday, Sophie started to display and outward symptoms of FTD in the form of speech aphasia. It would not be long before Sophie’s speech failed her completely, and soon the hallmark physical symptoms of ALS began to show themselves as well, and Corey became the full-time caregiver for both Sophie and Evelyn.

Sophie went into a care facility this past November, as her capacity to stand and walk had failed, and care at home became impractical. Corey and Evelyn visit almost daily and take Sophie out in her wheelchair to take the air on the lovely seaside, which is a short walk away. 

Corey’s Contact Information: 
Corey Smith
Email/PayPal Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: 604.989.5673
Mailing Address: 
9840 Mckenzie RoadHalfmoon Bay

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