91 Things To Do With Your Loved Ones

(Without Screens and Technology)

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Given the current state of the internet has its foundations largely set in social media, it’s rare to see an individual without a mobile phone in their hands. Despite the undeniable convenience that technology provides, it also comes with its own set of challenges that require our focus. Too much technology can have a detrimental effect on our lifestyle, our health, and even our relationships with the people we love. We become so engrossed in keeping up with online trends and staying social, that we forget to be that – social.

So, we’ve done that hard work for you and created a little roundup of our top 100 things to do without the use of technology so you can improve your digital wellbeing and quality of life!

Here are some great technology-free activities that you can enjoy with your loved ones:

  1. Cook dinner together – family meals are very important. This is where you can bond with the whole family and learn about how each family member’s day went. This is also a great time to be free of mobile devices, which means this is a good technology-free activity that you can do with your loved ones. Take out the pots and pans and bond over slicing, dicing, and cooking with the whole family. This will be a very enjoyable experience! And who knows? It might even turn into a daily habit!
  2. Puzzle – bring out the puzzles and solve it with your loved ones. This is an awesome way to spend your time and is also a good bonding experience. At the same time, this will also boost brain power!
  3. Go on a walk – it’s time to put the phones down and head outside for a walk. You’ll never know how refreshing it is to disconnect even just for an hour or two with your loved ones and simply enjoy nature until you do it. Spare at least an hour a day with your loved ones to do this and make sure that you don’t take our your mobile devices whilst doing this activity. This is also a great exercise.
  4. Go on a family picnic – head on over to the park, fill that picnic basket with sandwiches and an array of jams, and don’t forget to bring your picnic mat with you. Take the whole family and go on a picnic together. This classic bonding experience never grows old. It’s all just a matter of really allotting time to do it at least once a week.
  5. Play with your pets – if you have pets at home, devote at least an hour of playtime with them. Your pets need love and attention to and oftentimes, due to our social media attention, we forget about this. Set a rule with your loved one and devote a technology-free time and spend time with your pet/s.
  6. Play games – this could be any game; whether it’s sports-related or board games, just go and drop your mobile phones. Keep your head in the game with your loved ones and enjoy that time without any online distractions.
  7. Do a family art project – unleash your creativity and do a family art project. This could be as simple as arts and crafts or you can do this by painting your walls. Turn it into a project and this will definitely keep you busy and make you forget to check your mobile devices.
  8. Go on a fishing trip – if you love fishing, then this is a great activity that you can do with your loved ones. It’s relaxing and at the same time, it will make you get closer to nature.
  9. Build something – this could be anything from a birdhouse to a treehouse! Start a project and allot time for it on a daily basis. This would be a fun activity and at the same time, it will keep everyone productive at home.
  10. Plant trees – hit two birds with a stone: contribute to the environment and reduce screen time by doing this.
  11. Head to the beach – the calming sound of the water and the smell of the sea breeze are just enough to make you feel relaxed and at peace.
  12. Clean your house – not only this activity will make your house look even better, but it is also a fun thing to do with the whole family.
  13. Go on a trip – whether it’s just as simple as going to a park or going out of town, bring your loved ones with you on a trip and implement a technology-free vacation.
  14. Hike through the woods – consider yourself lucky if you live close to the woods. Take advantage of this and take your loved ones with you. This is a great way. to exercise and at the same time, enjoy the nature.
  15. Take a bike ride – pedal your way across town. Visit some of your town’s stores and explore the neighborhoods. This is a great way to unwind after a long day.

Other activities include:

  1. Take a swim
  2. Go through old family albums
  3. Play bowling
  4. Have a game of hide and seek
  5. Volunteer at local charities
  6. Visit friends and other relatives
  7. Read books together
  8. Play touch football
  9. Take photos outside your house
  10. Make meals
  11. Make pizza
  12. Have a game of hockey
  13. Play golf
  14. Call friends or relatives you haven’t talked to in a while
  15. Clean your garden
  16. Have a garage sale
  17. Go to sleep early
  18. Invite friends or relatives over
  19. Create a journal
  20. Finish up some of your projects
  21. Clean one room in your house
  22. Head out and immerse yourself in live entertainment
  23. Learn how to play an instrument
  24. Learn how to bake
  25. Fix your clothes
  26. Organize your closet
  27. Write down your goals
  28. Organize your sheets closet
  29. Babysit
  30. Go to a coffee shop
  31. Build a fort with your kids
  32. Sell lemonade
  33. Hang out in your backyard
  34. Have a long hoy bath
  35. Go to the library
  36. Wash clothes
  37. Go out with your friends
  38. Refurbish your furniture
  39. Head to the gym
  40. Visit a museum
  41. Air out your home
  42. Drive to the country
  43. Create your own postcards
  44. Finish a book
  45. Create a flower bouquet
  46. Treat yourself
  47. Have a pamper day
  48. Do a home improvement project
  49. Buy yourself something
  50. Visit a river or pond
  51. Make s’mores
  52. Go camping
  53. Write!
  54. Surprise your family
  55. Play cards
  56. People watch
  57. Go on a day trip
  58. Do all your boring errands
  59. Sort out magazines and newspapers
  60. Clean out your garage
  61. Create your own board games
  62. Go on a date night
  63. Let your mind wander
  64. Write appreciation letters
  65. Learn a new recipe
  66. Take a nap
  67. Hang out with your neighbor
  68. Go to a pet store
  69. Meet someone new
  70. Learn a skill
  71. Learn new words
  72. Offer help
  73. Find a new hobby
  74. Head to the local market
  75. Arrange your photos

So that’s it! Our roundup of 91 things to do away from tech.

Taking a little time away from the screen to enjoy some of these activities will really help overcome social media addiction or gaming addictions. If you think cell phone addiction is difficult to eliminate, think again. We’re not asking for the world, just take a short amount of time out of your busy gadget driven lives and you’ll be thanking us later! Your health is vital, and sometimes just a short break from what keeps us connected is all you need to remember what’s really important.

There is really nothing wrong with spending time online, it’s all just about doing it in moderation. Just like dieting, or any other health. The world doesn’t revolve around your social media accounts — there is a real world out there, waiting for you to experience it and take in the joy of simply living.

Originally published at www.goboldfish.com

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