8 Tips and Tricks in Repurposing Your Content

What does the word re-purposing mean? In simple words, it means to find new ways of replacing and adding content to your old blog to make it more attractive and updated. It also a way of reusing your content on other formats like Podcast, videos, and high authority article websites to place your content in […]

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What does the word re-purposing mean? In simple words, it means to find new ways of replacing and adding content to your old blog to make it more attractive and updated. It also a way of reusing your content on other formats like Podcast, videos, and high authority article websites to place your content in a different format so the readers on these websites can also read your content.

When and Why to Repurpose Your Content

Making your content to look new is accompanied by so many benefits.

Why do you want to re-purpose your content?

Here is what you may or may not know, when the blog has lived for so long, it will begin to get boring and unpopular.

The reason for this is that there are newer contents with better ideas than your old content. The audience will then look for the recent blogs rather than the old ones since they believe that the old content has outdated information.

You need to give a fresh look to your content constantly. This is a fact that the audience does evolve and they need information that suits their current needs, re-purposing the content will thus make it attractive again.

You may also need to re-purpose a post that is recent simply to improve the quality of the content.

Are you wondering on how to re-purpose your content? Below I have simple and better ways of making your content once again young.

They include the following;

Using of PowerPoint Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation is one that has slides, and the information is attractive, most of them have graphics.

Do you have a presentation on a certain topic that relates to your content in the blog?

The presentation that you have prepared should not be discarded. Make use of your presentation to earn you more viewers.

Incorporating the presentation into the content will make it new and more importantly it will provide fresh ideas.

Is it not better to use this simple idea to improve the look of your content? Indeed, it is.

Make a Snippet View of Your Content and Post It on Social Media

Do you know that social media is a place that can make a great impact on the views on your blog?

Social media is about 2 things. People looking at what their friends are doing and sharing stuff that they are interested in. So, you can share your “old” content on social media channels like Facebook and make your content viable again.

The part of your content that you think has some great ideas will make the best content for your snippet. The snippet once posted to social media will be viewed. The lovers of social media platforms are the people who need new ideas.

Once they get to view the captivating snippet view either on Facebook or Twitter and get interested, they may follow the link to your blog and thus a credit added for you.

Incorporate Different Media into the Content

Plain content can be so boring.

Do you know why?
Let me inform you if you do not know already, people do get bored of just plain content, they need to have other interesting media inserted into the content like videos or images, and not one image or one video, you may need a couple.

You may think of creating a video for a topic in the post or maybe a breakdown image (an image that shows your most important points in a visual format) or even an infographic that explain the whole article.

Alternatively, you may even incorporate a PDF document that can be downloaded.

Utilizing the Quora Site

Quora is a site that provides a platform for questions and answers. This high authority domain allows you to ask questions and get answers or via versa. You can use this website for market or re-purpose your content.
The questions asked in this forum/knowledge sharing website are varied and concern so many different topics.

You may want to search for a question that is suitable for your blog article. Once you have identified the question you can give the best answer to the question.

Here is the next trick, the information that you give should be short and very informative. Below your answer provides a link to content that directs the interested audience to your link. You may use some attractive words like ‘click the link below to get additional information.

Improving the Webinar with Trending Sites for Video Tutorials

It is wise to have webinar videos within your content. It helps to improve the effectiveness of the content since it enriches it.

The video might become outdated, and the viewer’s become less and less every day. You do not have to worry; I have a better trick to help you out.

The webinar can be easily be re-purposed as a YouTube video.
Youtube is one of the most used and popular sites on the internet. Also, you can use the description on the YouTube video to explain the video and link back to the original content. This will help with page SEO. Utilizing this popular platform will, therefore, make your web site newer.

Add a Case Study to the Content

Your website is lacking popularity, and all the other options have failed, or you are unable to utilize the available options.

Here is the easiest trick. You do not have to strain yourself much. A complete case study can make a difference to your content.

Image Repurposing

Ecommerce web development company – Comalytics.com said that this is a trick that you use for your blog that has a lot of graphics or videos. The old images can become boring after some time or even become outdated.

Ensure that the pictures are updated by uploading new logos and even brand images. The images are the best to utilize to make the whole content look new again.

Include True Statistical Information

The statistics are changing every day. You need to get updated too. Once the statistics update, you need to change the information in the content to suit the new statistics.

Ensure that the statistics are also linked to the popular social media sites to get more audience for your content.

Once you get to give new and valid information, you will find that the content will be fresh again.

Do not let an old content make your blog outdated when you can have a couple of ways to improve it. The above ideas can be used singly or combined to give a better outcome.

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