8 Productivity Traits That Can Determine Your Personality

Keep yourself up-to-date, because these 8 things can tell who are you.

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Keep yourself up-to-date, because these 8 things can tell who are you!
Keep yourself up-to-date, because these 8 things can tell who are you!

We are all distinct from each other. Apart from the fact that a lot of us actually don’t look alike, we do have various things that differentiate us from one another.

These are our distinct traits. So, just in case you’re having issues with finding out what your own traits are, perhaps these details might point them out.


People who are always organized have a tendency to love being in control. They have just about a blueprint for everything, and they do all they can to ensure that this blueprint is followed and things move on smoothly.

However, while a lot of people could see this as being a “control freak” (and in a lot of cases, this is actually true), having this trait isn’t a bad thing necessarily.

Your business card

It sounds weird, doesn’t it? Well it’s actually true. There are a lot of ways you can easily tell your personality through the type of business card that you have.

Let me give you a few pointer. When it comes to business cards, there is a lot of attention that should be put into the design and layout of the card itself. People who are incredibly tidy will love for their business cards to have a little less detail because as it is with business cars, less is actually always ore.

In addition to this, people who love thick business cards are known to have a lot of preference for detailing. Essentially, you love it when your business card looks professional and has a bulky feeling. You’re pretty sure that it will attract enough people this way.

Excessive thinking

Excessive thinking is a trait that actually cuts across quite a lot of people. However, when you think things too much, there is actually a high chance that you are a perfectionist

Perfectionists are known to be a little bit overbearing, as they spend a significant amount of their time thinking about possible outcomes of their actions and the steps that they take. They would do just about anything to avoid a miss-step, so they ponder over every single thing time and again in a bid to ensure that they’re actually making the right decision.

In addition to being a perfectionist over thinking could mean that you tend to be confirmed to yourself.

Here’s something that over thinking does when you think by yourself a lot, there is a high probability that you will begin to value the discussion that you have with yourself more than those you have with others.

This will lead to a confinement and a desire to e with yourself more than with others.


Most of the time, curiosity is something that is associated with geniuses and people who have a high intellectual acumen. You see, no one wants to learn without having a hunger for what it is that they’re learning. When you’re truly curious about a thing, y end to be driven and you don’t stop until you master it.

You can imagine how you’d perform if you were curious about a whole lot of things.


Self-control is actually one of the most significant personality traits that a person can have.

Why? Well, because not many people have it. This is why self-control can only be indicative of one thing and one thing only; maturity. 

Matured people have been able to learn how to control themselves; what they say, what they do, what they wear, how they react to certain situations, and much more.

It is especially true of this day and age, where it is pretty much easy for people to annoy or irk you at just about every turn that you take. It takes a certain level of maturity or you to be able to control yourself and the impulses that you have, especially when certain actions will end up affecting you in the future.


Just as it is with the trait of self-control, empathy is actually something that not a lot of people have as well.

The significance of empathy comes in the fact that allot of people tend to mistake it for sympathy. However, while sympathy in itself isn’t so bad on its own, there are even far lesser people who have the empathy trait.

Empathy works especially for people who are considerate and who are forgiving in nature. By being emphatic, you can relate to what a lot of people go through and from your experiences, you can just as well draw up encouragement for them to run with. 

Not a lot of people are able to develop genuine empathy, and the trait is something that can work in your favor a great deal.


There really isn’t much to say about perseverance, except for the act that it is a trait which works only for people who are strong-wiled and who are resilient.

It takes quite a lot for someone to get back up after being heartbroken or disappointed more than once, and the trait of perseverance is something that can only attest to how mentally strong you truly are.


Innovation is a trait that attests to just how intelligent a person can be.

Innovation is simply the ability to see what others can’t, get ahead of certain curve, and beat others to doing something. It can also be a way of looking at an existing thing and figuring out just how you can do it better and make it more efficient. It takes a lot of intelligence to be innovative, and in more ways than one these traits actually work hand in hand. It takes innovation to be intelligent, and it will also take intelligence to be able to apply innovation and put it into motion.

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