7 Ways to Take an Everyday Vacation

Ever come back from vacation and after two days, the effects are already worn off? Learn how to bring the best of vacation into your every day.

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You just got back from a wonderful vacation and after 2 days back in daily life, you’ve already lost your bliss and relaxation. What the Fruit?! Well truth is, life is long and vacation is not. So, let’s learn how to bring joyful aspects of vacation to our every day — daily enjoyment is what life is all about. While taking time to luxuriate might seem impossible (or makes you roll your eyes), it’s not. It just requires a little prioritization and focus. We work hard — we all deserve to take an every day vacation.

What do we do on vacation that we don’t do daily?

we don’t do office work • we spend more time outdoors • we have the luxury of time • we see beautiful things • we eat yummy, fresh food • we listen to different music • we get extra sleep

So let’s bring each of these to our life daily.

1) We don’t work.

Well, we gotta pay the bills so we can’t ditch this one, but I believe most of us like to work as long we are doing something we enjoy. We like to produce, contribute, create, think, and watch things grow based on our efforts. Remember we are getting paid – holy flip! – to do what we love to do, daily. Being grateful for our work will give a new perspective on the day — we don’t have to go to work, we choose to!

For those who really hate the ol’ jobby job, work on moving toward something you are more passionate about and change jobs. If that’s not immediately possible, then focus on being grateful for your current gig because it serves a purpose and will pay for necessities and things you enjoy, while you seek/create the job you love. 

A tip: I once gave one of my clients the task of saying “thank you” with every footstep she took from her car to her not-so-favorite job office door. It changed her entire day.

2) Time outdoors.

On vacation we spend time outdoors and even exercise outdoors. At home, we might hit the gym, workout class, or jump on the treadmill in the basement. Notice those are all indoors? As beings of nature, nature revitalizes us. We feel amazing in nature because it’s our home. Get outside, daily! Even 20 minutes (yes even if it’s chilly or sprinkling) will do wonders.

3) Luxury of time.

How can we get more time into the day? We can’t. Time is time. But we can use the time we have, better. Instead of noodling online, put on sneakers and power walk for 15-30 minutes. Instead of complaining to a coworker, find a bench outside or an empty conference room and sit n’ breathe. Wake up early, enjoying the twilight into sunrise while you light a candle and journal intentions for the day (no complaining in your journal — rainbows and sunshine only). Fill your time with your most favorite things and time will feel like it’s going slower. 

A tip: Really limit social media, it’s a time suck and ends up being a life suck.

4) Beautiful things.

There’s so much beauty on vacation, so how can we bring in more beauty to the daily-daily? Flowers on the table. Beautiful, transportive photos at home or work. New dangle earrings, a mala bracelet or sparkly crystal. Can you work by a window? Can you get a natural light lamp? Himalayan salt lamps are awesome. These things are therapy for our sense of sight. When we see beautiful things, our mind relaxes. If anything inspires you to create more beauty, tell yourself that it’s good for your mind. Because it’s true. Now get thinking, what is pleasing to your eyes during vacation that you could bring to your every day?

5) Eat fresh, yummy foods.

You are the one choosin’ your groceries so…choose ones that make you feel amazing! Does mango make you feel like life is easy? Get it. Avocado make you feel spoiled? Do it. An afternoon chai latte feel like decadence? Have it and savor. Handmade pasta? Take some extra time on a Saturday and make it while you crank tunes and sing with your kids. Thai food your fav? Get a Thai cookbook and commit 1 recipe to memory. How creative can you get? Put some zest into it this!

6) Music we normally don’t listen to.

When we go on vacation, we hear music that we don’t necessarily listen to at home. It transports us. Well, thanks to the internets, we have world’s music at our fingertips! Some of my favorite transportive music stations on Pandora are: “Wes Anderson” (makes me feel like I’m pedaling a teal bike around Paris with flowers and bread), “Tycho” and “Washed Out” (makes me feel like I’m on a hazy beach in SoCal), “Nightmares on Wax” is another easy chill mix, “1901” makes me want to dance. I also love me some Spotify. My point is, you can create that get away from wherever in the world you were lovin’ it, any time you want.

7) Getting extra sleep.

No you can’t sleep in like you can on vacation, but there’s an easy fix. Go to bed earlier. Spend 1 week going to bed at 8pm or 9pm and see how fantastic you feel. Use this when needed. When I was writing my book, I would stay up mega-late 2 nights in a row and then balance with 2 nights of going to bed at 8pm. Just do it. In Ayurveda, not getting enough sleep is a root cause of so many imbalances. If you’re craving rest, it’s there for you, just take it. This is your life. 

Keep in mind, much of the joy we feel around vacation is planning and anticipation of it!

If we spent more time enjoying each day and less of a focus trying to escape it, we would feel nourished and enriched, every single day. That is the good life, my friends.


Monica B.

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