7 Tips on Creating a Minimalist Jewelry Collection

Top tips on the features to look for to make the maximum impact.

Minimalist Jewelry

When it comes to owning stunning jewelry, less is more. With dainty pieces of jewelry finding their place on the shelves of Zara, H&M and Forever 21, minimalist jewelry are fast replacing statement baubles. The former is delicate and timeless. It has the potential to refine any ensemble. However, don’t mistake its simplicity for boring or basic.

Sure, statement earrings and necklaces are fun to wear, but the unfussy and understated minimalist pieces have an unparalleled charm.

If you are planning to jump on the minimalist jewelry bandwagon, here are our top tips on the features to look for to make the maximum impact.

1) Clean Lines and Geometric Shapes

Minimalist jewelry is about unfussy designs. Stick to clean lines, flat designs, geometric shapes, and understated details. An oversized hoop earring can also be called minimalistic jewelry if it is designed on the same lines. Remember, it is about emphasizing the beauty of simple and basic shapes.

We Recommend: Gold triangle necklaces, torque choker, pentagon earrings, and rectangle pendants.

2) Layer Delicate Necklaces

Minimalist jewelry is not boring if you know how to layer the pieces right. Mix a handful of dainty rings and layer necklaces of different lengths. Use your understated jewelry to create endless combinations according to your mood without looking tacky. The trick is to play with length, size, and texture. Don’t get carried away when layering though. The rule of thumb is to keep the layers light and simple.

We Recommend: Pair a basic V-neck tee with a delicate long necklace. Create a layering effect by looping the necklace around your neck.

3) Ditch Gemstones

We are not talking about your dainty pave diamond. We are talking about chunky colored gemstones on your fingers. If you want to keep your jewelry chic and minimalist, stick to classic pieces and precious metals and stay away from too much color. Choose jewelry that can be worn every day with any outfit.

We Recommend: Skip your larger-than-life sapphire or topaz rings and go for elegantly understated diamonds, white sapphires or a Swarovski.

4) Mix Your Metals

Forget what everything has been telling you about going all-gold or all-silver with your jewelry. Mix metals to create your own unique stack. The most popular combinations are gunmetal and yellow gold, rose gold and silver, and gold and oxidized silver.

Most people like mixing different textures and metals when it comes to rings. The most popular style is mixing midi rings in different metals. When mixing different metals and colors, try stacking them from dark to light to create an ombré effect.

We Recommend: Pair silver pendants with gold chains and stack rings in different metals to create an impression of effortless symmetry.

5) Use of Negative Space

One of the main reasons why minimalist jewelry looks so good is because of the use of negati