7 Things I Will Teach My Future Child

They’ll become the base of everything you build.

There are so many things I would like to tell you about life, my dear. But life has to be lived and you deserve the right to discover, learn and make mistakes. I will always be by your side, ready to listen and encourage you to follow your dreams.

While you walk through life, I want you to keep in mind these 7 pillars that I hope will become the base of everything you build.

1. Compassion

Be kind. You are lucky to be born in a country that gives you the chance to become whatever you want to be—but always remember that many other kids in the world don’t even have food. Don’t let society push you towards the things that divide us, focus on the things that make us all human. Be thankful and offer a helping hand—life is unpredictable and we all need the support of others to survive.

2. Relationship with food

I was born in a city and never got the chance to see where food comes from. People go grocery shopping and find all they need on the shelves—I want you to know how the asparagus plant looks like—I want you to have a closer relationship with the land and appreciate nature. One day I hope you will have a garden where you can grow your own food.

3. Relationship with the environment

The Earth is the mother of us all—never take Her for granted. The planet is getting warmer because humans are polluting it and the population of the world is growing. Respect the environment and take responsibility for your actions—your daily habits matter. Start from the small things: don’t litter and don’t waste too much water while you brush your teeth.

4. Be active

Technology is a great tool, but it’s taking up too much space in our lives. The screen of the phone or the computer has some limits though—it’s just a screen. Outside, you have an entire world where you can play and run around. There are endless possibilities out there—be active and go look for them. When you’re tired, you can always go back to the screen and watch tv.

5. Be open

You live in a country founded by people that came from all over the world. There are so many races and cultures. Be open to discover different foods and habits—instead of judging, get excited! The more you discover, the more you learn—and knowledge is one of the best tools to face life.

6. Travel

You were born in a family of travelers and I hope you will inherit this passion for the unknown. Travel teaches you a lot about the world, but also about your strengths and weaknesses. It smoothes the tough angles of your personality and helps you build resilience.

7. Multiculturalism

I hope will never forget your Italian heritage—appreciate your international background and make it one of your strengths! Your dad and I hope you will take the best from the Italian and American culture. In many things, they are at the opposite sides of the spectrum, but you can have them both and find the balance bewteen the two. Treasure this gift!

Originally published at medium.com

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