7 Reasons Why Solo Dining Will Make You Smile

Sometimes it is good to have some time for yourself.

During these times you may feel hyper connected. You have email, voicemail, phones, text messages, and other ways to stay in touch. Sometimes it is good to have some time for yourself. Here are seven reasons why you may want to ditch your dinner date and go solo instead:

1. Solitude

In this day and age, solitude is a rare commodity. You wake up, check your phone for messages and voicemail, and go online and check your email, all before you eat breakfast. You get out of bed running and do not stop until you are back at home in bed for the night. Even then, you probably are checking your phone until you go to sleep. While it is important to maintain contacts and network, it is just as important to experience solitude. You can sit and relax while being served a fantastic dinner. Everyone needs some quiet time to relax and recharge.

2. Meditation

Take some time to meditate while you are waiting for your food. Take some deep cleansing breaths and let the day seep away. Close your eyes and breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose for a minute or two. This will help you calm down and enjoy your meal more.

3. Eat healthier

When you eat alone you are more aware of what you are ordering. You can take the time to choose the healthier option. When you are with someone else you probably order something quickly without thinking so you can get back to the conversation. Take a few minutes to really see your options and when you make your choice be sure to choose something healthy. Your body will thank you for it.

4. Enjoy your food

Take the time to actually enjoy and appreciate your food. At restaurants such as PizzaRev, people take time to prepare a good quality meal for you to enjoy. Take the time to appreciate their work. Benihana chefs offer beautiful sushi they have taken the time to create just for you. Enjoy the different textures, colors, and flavors in one bite. Enjoy some grilled fresh seafood at Claim Jumper. Take the time to really savor your meal.

5. Focus on Yourself

Take this time to relax and focus on what you want. You do not have to please anyone else at this meal. Enjoy your food and let your mind wander. At times like these you are most likely to solve a problem that has been vexing you, or realize something important. When you relax and unwind in solitude, your brain relaxes and actually gets sharper.

6. Read a book

Take along a book and enjoy some quality reading time. You are more likely to be undisturbed if you are reading. Delve into the latest bestseller or enjoy a biography. Whatever your tastes are, grab a book and have some fun escaping into the world inside the pages. Do not use this time to do work. You should be reading a book, not a report.

7. No small talk

If you are out to eat with a group or just another person, you reach the point in the evening when you feel you have to fill the gaps with small talk. Everyone finds this time awkward. When you dine alone, you do not have to worry about small talk. You can talk to your waiter and then enjoy the peace and quiet of a delicious solo dining experience.

Dining solo can be intimidating, but with these seven steps you should enjoy treating yourself to a meal alone. 

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