7 Habits to Change Before Embarking on a Weight Loss Journey

Set out to change the habits that hinder your well-being.

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A weight-loss journey comes with dedication and patience. In addition, it forces you to get rid of many of your old habits. It is easy to get derailed off your journey if you find yourself continuing to make unhealthy decisions. The time has come to change your old ways in order to be a better you. Your health will benefit from it, and your body will thank you. Habits are not easy to give up. They are often a part of our daily lives, so much so that we don’t notice that they’re habits. Are you ready to throw away old habits and adapt to new ones? 

Late Night Snacking 

We don’t know who invented the term “Midnight snack,” But hopefully whoever it was wasn’t making a habit of this themselves. Your body is most at rest when sleeping. Eating late will equate to your food digesting slow and your body holding on to those fatty calories. Try to make it a habit to eat a few hours before you’re ready to hit the sack. When doing this, you give yourself time to move around and keep your metabolism going to digest your last meal. If you find your belly craving a late-night snack, make sure its something easily digestible; a piece of fruit would be good. 

Binge Watching 

We all love a great tv show. With streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, it has become easier to watch our favorite shows without waiting for the next episode the following week. Binging is fun, but it can take a lot of time away from your health journey. With binge-watching comes less time for exercise, cooking, and meditation. It is easy to come home from work, order takeout, and begin watching your favorite shows for the night’s entirety. Understand that weight loss is a demanding journey, so this decision comes down to “how bad you want it?”. Are you going to succumb to what’s easy or rise to the challenge?


Above everyone else, you should be your biggest supporter on any journey you choose to embark on. If you find that you’re continuously downing yourself, you’ll eventually convince your mind that it’s true. Self-Ridicule can contribute to failure in your weight loss journey. You must believe in yourself. Instead of saying, “I can’t do this,” say, “I will try and succeed,” believing is the first step of any expedition. If you believe in yourself enough to succeed, it is very likely success will follow. 

Excessive Alcohol Drinking 

We get it, hanging out with friends often can come along with enjoying a drink at the bar. Doing this is okay, as long as you don’t find yourself doing it every weekend. Personally, during our health journey, we chose not to drink any alcohol, and we still feel that is the best way. Alcohol can lead to an increase in weight gain and isn’t the best for a healthier life journey. It can contribute to fatigue and increase your craving for the unhealthy foods that might have come with your old habits. If you can stop alcohol consumption completely during your journey, you’ll see better results than if you chose to continue drinking each weekend with friends. 

Weighing Yourself Daily

Daily weigh-ins are unnecessary. Don’t become attached to the scale. It’s best to weigh-in at the beginning of your journey, then again every two to three weeks. Don’t let weighing yourself daily define your progress; it’s the amount of dedication you show along the way. Don’t add extra stress to the process by looking at numbers that are often affected by many things. The body retains water and bloating can occur in which the scale will read an inaccurate number.

Weighing yourself daily may only cloud your mind with goals and expectations that are further than they appear. However, if you HAVE to know those numbers, weigh-in once a week. Make it the first thing you do after waking up; this is how you get the most accurate reading. Don’t allow scale readings to discourage you. Mind Over Matter!

Eating Out

Almost everyone has a habit of eating out, which is entirely normal. Everyone deserves to treat themselves. The question is, “how bad is the habit?” Eating out is much more convenient than eating at home, right? Your body and your wallet would beg to differ. At the core of bad habits is the amount of control you have. Gain control of your desire to order food, focus on the bigger picture, progress towards becoming a healthier person mentally and physically and live a healthier lifestyle. Make a new habit of cooking healthy meals and trying new recipes at home. Your body and wallet will thank you!

Avoiding Exercise

We can’t sit here and lie to our readers by saying you have to exercise to lose weight. That’s not true; however, exercise compliments a weight loss journey in the best ways. Avoiding exercise is not a good habit for mental or physical health. Exercise not only releases hormones that make you feel good about yourself, but it boosts your metabolism to cut the fat even faster. If you’re really discouraged about exercise, feeling as if it won’t change anything, then start slow. Get in the habit of incorporating it into everyday life. Walking to the mailbox or parking further away from a department store entrance can be a great start. Exercising is a great habit; don’t avoid it.

Focus and determination will make this transition from old habits to new ones a breeze. Are you ready to become a healthier person overall? Are you determined? Are you Dedicated? Are you focused? If you answered “Yes” to those four questions, getting rid of bad habits won’t be an issue. 

What are some habits you’ve found yourself changing during your health journey? We would love to hear about them in the comment section below.

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