6 Wellness Tips for Daily Success

Practice these healthy habits to create success on a daily basis

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Stock photo by: Martinmark | Dreamstime.com
Stock photo by: Martinmark | Dreamstime.com

According to a recent study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, less than three percent of adults in the U.S. meet the standard requirements for leading a healthy lifestyle in terms of fitness, nutrition and other factors. While it does take time, effort and commitment to lead a healthy lifestyle, the positive impact it can have on your life and ability to be successful, could make it well worth it.

Here are six wellness tips for daily success:

Practice Morning Mindfulness: Start the day with intention and focus by engaging in some mindfulness activities that can calm and center your mind. Try meditating on your own or with a guided meditation app, taking deep, diaphragmatic breaths or sitting outside in nature for a few minutes (weather permitting). These are wonderful ways to create a positive experience in which to build your day around.

Eat Nourishing Foods: Fuel your body with healthy meals and snacks throughout the day that contain whole, plant-based and natural foods with minimally processed ingredients and added sugars. Your body will thank you for feeding it delicious and nutrient-filled fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and healthy fats. You’ll be more equipped to be at your best at work and at home when you prioritize your nutrition.

Move Your Body: Whether it’s a morning bootcamp workout, lunchtime run or walk or evening yoga session, build in blocks of time in your day to move your body, increase your heart rate, strengthen and lengthen your muscles and sweat. You’ll be releasing endorphins, which will improve your mood and mental state and will have more energy and stamina to concentrate, meet deadlines, perform tasks and collaborate with others.

Complete Your Three to Five Most Important Tasks: Trying to complete everything on your never-ending to-do list each day is a fast track to failure. However, being realistic, thoughtful and strategic about the tasks you work on, will allow you to have greater impact at work and in other areas of your life. Pick those three to five tasks that will help move the needle on a project, increase revenue or help the largest number of people and you’ll be sure to feel successful at the end of the day.

Take Challenges in Stride: Take challenges, problems and issues that arise during the day in stride and recognize that they’re simply opportunities to learn and grow. Without these challenges, you wouldn’t be able to stretch your mind and problem solving capabilities, practice resilience or have the flexibility to deal with a variety of situations. While not always easy, try your best to expect challenges to come your way and be prepared to face them head on.

Reflect at the End of the Day: Taking time at the end of the day to reflect on what went well, what could have been better and what you’ll do to make tomorrow the best it can be, can go a long way in creating success in your life. Having gratitude and perspective can also provide you with a sense of wisdom and hope as you complete the day and prepare for the next. Reflections can happen in the forms of writing in a journal, talking to others or simply thinking to yourself.

Engaging in these wellness practices on a daily basis can create healthy habits that will help you create the success in life you’ve always wanted!

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