6 Priceless Lessons Money Taught Me

And, It's not what you think

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Another goal setting guide?

Surely not.

That you can find all over in books, e-books and other writings, exhausted, to say the least.

Do you have goals? Or a wish; longing or desire for something to happen.

Actually, the answer may surprise you. Please do follow.

I have never really bought the concept of borrowing money. Since I don’t know when.

What? Yeah, you heard that right. So, would I rather steal? No…no way! But somehow, I still manage.

And, I also ‘steal’ from my parents.

Back in high school, I wished I had enough to buy my financial freedom. But, the allure of free pocket money from parents was irresistible.

Actually, I cleared high school still relying on the pocket money. However, even after my parents bolstered it with a raise, it was never enough.

To be honest, I never took action or made any effort to do so. I was slowly heading down a slippery path to a financial crisis. Money was the hook and I took the bait.

Hook, line, and sinker. Every coin I lay my hands was sweeter than the last but didn’t last long enough.

After high school, I tried my luck at the booming tomato farming business. Out of inspiration from farming success stories, I hit the ground running.

Luckily, the weather was good and the harvest was plentiful. You know what? All floodgates flew open and money started flowing in, one coin after the other.

The returns were good, but never good enough for me. I was obsessed with money. I wanted to get rich quicker than you can say farhvernugen.

And, Somehow my prayers were answered. The online gambling craze came calling and I obliged.

After all, it came with a promise to fulfill my dreams of getting filthy rich.

Guess what? I am now driving flashy cars, own a Hollywood mansion, snatching all the beauties and stinking rich.

Yeah, that’s true.

In my wildest DREAMS!

I lost all my hard earned cash to betting companies. Not to mention, the scammers who promised fixed matches for great returns.

Do fixed matches really exist?

Well, I find that hard to believe. But people are still buying them anyway.

It was a bitter pill to swallow. I had spent valuable time wishing instead of setting well-planned goals.

Fortunately, I took a great financial lesson from that I cherish till now. Here’s what money taught me about a goal and a wish:

* A goal requires committed effort. Wishes don’t.

A goal is an achievement toward which effort is directed while wishes are a form of amusement conceived by our wildest imagination. Look here:

Wish: I want to win the 10 million dollar lottery!

Goal: I want to be a self-made millionaire by 40.

Well, as you can see, to achieve the second you’ll need a well-laid out plan. A road-map to get from where you’re to millionaire status.

Mostly, goals are the GPS to achieve your dreams.

For the first, only a ticket is needed. But the ticket costs money? Yeah, that’s true.But also, most tickets are cheap or you get one by buying a product. All this doesn’t require much effort. Or does it?

* Goals are result oriented. Wishes are for pleasure.

Want your life to change? Goals manifest dreams to reality whereas wishes are for fantasy and self-entertainment.

Every goal has a result. For instance, a man weighs 250 pounds. He sets a goal to lose 50 pounds. The result:

He now weighs 200 pounds!

What if he wished to lose 50 pounds? Well, he won’t. Actually, he may end up adding more pounds. In fact, it only makes himself feel better about himself. Each time he orders pizza, he tells himself it the last.

* Goals are subject to reality. Wishes are sometimes unrealistic. I want to be superhuman, that’s a wish but you can set a goal to be a humanitarian.

Have you watched Superman movies? Then, you know Clark Kent. Who doesn’t? After all, he is Superman. Remember how he saves the world every time? Most of us wish we were like that. Admit it.

Spoiler: Sorry, you can’t. Scientists have determined that it is mathematically impossible for humans to fly. Let alone have an X-ray vision.

But don’t worry all is not lost. You can still save the world. Maybe by donating food to hungry. Or help educate orphans. And the list is endless. All you need is a big and caring heart like Mother Teresa.

* Goals have a deadline. Wishes are infinite. Goals are limited to times while wishes go on and on to forever.

For instance, you set a goal to achieve financial independence by 40. 40, is the deadline not a year more. If you don’t get there by 40 then you’ve failed. But you can wish to be financially independent even in your grave. Is that possible?. Anyway, wishes have no end.

* Wishes are inspirational.Goals make an impact. From wishes, we can draw a source of motivation. Goals have the power to permanently change your life.

Look at Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerburg and Oprah Winfrey. We all wish we could be rich like them. Admit it. There’s nothing wrong with it. Incidentally, it motivates us to be the best we can.

On the other side, you can set goals to be a billionaire. If Colonel Sanders made it past 65 why can’t you?

* Goals are planned. Wishes are occasional. Goals have detailed plan to achieve anything while wishes have no plan to fruition.

Earlier, we gave an example of achieving financial independence by 40. It works here too. To achieve that goal, you can just sit and wait? You need to plan. A plan to show what you’ll do from now up to achieving the goal. For example:

You can start a business or company.

You can start saving.

You can get a promotion.

Ironically, Wishes are the opposite and simpler. Today, you wish to be a business owner. Tomorrow you wish to discover the next big thing after Facebook. Yesterday, you wished you could buy your own home.

And, do remember last year you wished you could buy Tesla’s newest?

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