6 Positive Reminders to Keep Things in Perspective

How to dwell less on the roadblocks and keep moving forward

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With the steady influx of alarming and anxiety-provoking news stories, it’s critical to consciously hit the pause button and make room for some much-needed positivity. 

On those extra tough days when you just can’t shake the negative thoughts, shift your mindset with these big-picture reminders. 

1. You have the power to emerge from this stronger. 

There’s a lot of not-so-promising energy in the world right now, and it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Instead of forcing the idea that “better days are ahead,” focus instead on how navigating these challenges will ultimately make you stronger.

You may emerge from this with a newfound perspective on what’s important. You may gain critical crisis communication skills or learn how to quickly pivot your business strategies to align with “the new normal.”

While this growth mindset won’t eliminate your stress completely, it will help you dwell less on roadblocks and keep moving forward.

2. You have a strong support system. 

A gratitude practice can help lift your mood and improve your overall well-being, and it’s safe to say that we can all use a lot of that right now.

When you catch yourself fixating on setbacks and imagining the worst possible outcomes, purposefully take a step back and acknowledge all the good in your life. 

Think about the people who check in on you consistently and go out of their way to support you. Consider your valuable professional connections, and how thankful you are for their guidance during this difficult time. 

Remember: It’s entirely possible to stay informed and simultaneously appreciative. 

3. You deserve to put your mental health first and honor your emotions.

There’s a good chance that you’re dealing with a rollercoaster of emotions right now. One minute, you’re feeling strangely content with the whole social distancing thing. The next, you’re facing full-blown anxiety and begging the universe for the slightest sense of normalcy.

When these challenging moments arise, don’t resist them. Avoid bottling up your emotions and “putting on a brave face” to prove how strong you are. 

Whether you’re navigating financial stress or simply missing your friends, remind yourself that your feelings are valid and your mental health should remain a top priority. 

Silence the “others have it worse” narrative, and practice letting yourself feel. 

4. You are fully capable of focusing your energy on things you can control.

Let’s face it – the state of the world is scary right now, and it’s impossible to turn a blind eye to it. The good news? You do have control over the way you respond. 

Pay attention to what you’re consuming, and how often. Consider setting limits on social media scrolling or news absorbing, and proactively put that extra time toward a mind-easing activity or creative escape.

Recognize that you will still get side-swept by the negativity from time to time, and that’s because you’re human.

While there are many things that you have no say over, you still have the power to unplug.

5. You will figure it out. 

Ambiguity is uncomfortable, but keep in mind that nobody has all the answers.

When facing uncertainty around your job or business, avoid putting unrealistic pressure on yourself to instantly discover the perfect solution.

Take a break from fixating on how the future will look, and remind yourself that you’re well-positioned to succeed.

This reminder isn’t about losing focus or giving up. It’s about staying committed to your end goal, while also trusting your journey. 

6. After this, you can conquer anything.

One day, these difficult times will be nothing but a distant memory.

Does this put an end to future challenges and tough decisions? Of course not.

But this time, you’ll be ready.

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