6 exercises to be more grateful and improve your life.

Gratitude can bring you great benefits, but even though we know about these benefits, we rarely take the time to be grateful.

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Sometimes because we are very busy, sometimes because we get carried away by our feelings that everything is going wrong and there is nothing to be thankful for or simply due to lack of practice.

Giving thanks can take up to a minute.

But here we give you 6 exercises for you to exercise your gratitude, maybe you like all six or maybe you prefer one in particular, this does not matter, the important thing is that you take the time to thank. Imagine with just a minute you can change your attitude.

6 exercises to be more grateful.

1. Gratitude Journal

If you want to get the most out of keeping a personal journal , and obviously if you want to be more grateful and happier, it is best to put a little effort into keeping your gratitude journal. What you can do is a routine where you write in your journal, you can take advantage of our Morning Success Routine where you will use this technique and in this way you will form a habit and dedicate enough time to improve yourself.

How to do it?

You must list the things that you are grateful for, but obviously you must constantly change otherwise it will get boring. And the tip that I can give you is to give thanks for things you want to achieve even if you do not have them yet. Another tip is that you can thank a specific person, that is, think about who in your life has had a great effect on you, why you are grateful to that person, and what contributions they have made to them.

2. Visualization

Visualization will help you generate this feeling of gratitude more easily and quickly when you think of a specific person like locksmith Toronto who makes you feel very good or a moment in your life for which you are truly grateful for his job what he has done for you. And from there you can list various things about the person or the moment, keeping the feeling for longer.

3. Give thanks.

Many people link giving thanks before meals with some kind of religion, but you don’t have to follow any specific religion to give thanks for the food of the day, and not only that, but we can also give thanks for the events of the day.

4. Pray.

Again, with words that we relate to religion, but wait, do not be discouraged, the prayer does not have to be linked to any religion. Prayer is rather repeating certain phrases that have already been created and believe me there are many prayers of gratitude.

Praying is a super powerful technique to cultivate gratitude because it is an already established system, which makes us be grateful for specific topics and sometimes towards specific people.

5. Meditate and focus on gratitude.

Meditation provides you with the opportunity to find your conviction, and if you add gratitude practice to this meditation it will become much more powerful. Meditation helps you reduce stress, calm your mind, and center your spirit. It helps us to focus on ourselves as individuals, leaving the material outside and at the same time we can connect our soul with the universe.

6. Sensory appreciation

Most of the time we are not aware of what we feel through our sensory cells, and of course it makes sense if we weren’t constantly bombarded with sensations, with everything that touches our skin, what we smell, sounds and all the rays of light that enter our eyes. Imagine if we felt this at the same time and at all times, obviously it would be too much, but sometimes it is possible to focus on something specific and be 100% aware of what we feel through our senses.

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