55 Affirmations for Unbreakable Confidence and Manifesting Magic

Flood out all the old limiting beliefs and invite in the mindset of a super confident and self-assured entrepreneur!

Flood out all the old limiting beliefs and invite in the mindset of a super confident and self-assured entrepreneur!

How many times have you said the following?

‘I can’t do it!’

‘I’m not confident enough!’

‘What if I don’t do a good job?’

‘I feel like a fraud.’

‘I’m not good enough…’

‘Everyone else is doing it that way, that’s what I should be doing….’

When I first started my business, I was not at all confident. I used to say these phrases all the time.

It was not serving me. And it’s not serving you either.

They’re just mind gremlins and they come up a lot. Typically intensifying when we’re moving up to the next level in life and business. They make us keep ourselves small. And stop us being visible to our clients, so we can’t create the life and freedom we desire.

Yet you still have that voice inside that wants to make a huge impact in the world in your way. I’m going help you make that voice stronger and build that unbreakable confidence.


Know it’s just the mind gremlins.

They’re a sign you’re doing things right and are going outside of your comfort zone. That is where the magic really happens — repeatedly.

They’re not true. The trick is to just acknowledge the fears and let them go. Then refocus on thoughts and phrases that do help you.

This increases your confidence hugely.

Here are some powerful affirmations you can refocus on. They will help you boost your confidence and allow the magic to happen:

1. I am totally good enough.

2. I am divinely supported.

3. I am confident.

4. Everything is always working out for me.

5. It’s safe to express myself fully.

6. It’s safe to speak my truth.

7. I am the best person to help my clients.

8. I have what it takes.

9. I am owning it.

10. Everything I need is already inside.

11. I am empowered.

12. I love to stand out.

13. I dare to be different.

14. I am enough.

15. I am worthy and deserving.

16. I love taking risks.

17. My confidence is increasing.

18. I love going out of my comfort zone.

19. There is no such thing as failure, only a first attempt in learning.

20. I am confident enough to ask for help when I need it.

21. I am determined.

22. I take inspired action.

23. I am making a huge difference in the world.

24. I speak my truth.

25. I fail bigger and better and continue to grow exponentially.

26. I easily see the opportunities in every challenge.

27. I am naturally confident.

28. I love doing things my way.

29. My way is the best way for me and my perfect clients.

30. I am persistent and consistent.

31. I love learning more about myself every day.

32. I trust myself.

33. I love and accept myself completely.

34. No matter what I have done or not done, I am worthy of love.

35. I am 100% confident in myself and my abilities.

36. I create my own rules.

37. I create my own reality.

38. I am bold and brave always.

39. I have everything I need to succeed — all the love, people and resources.

40. Abundance flows easily to me.

41. I am the being I am meant to be.

42. I step fully into my power.

43. I am a powerful creator.

44. I allow life to flow to me and through me.

45. I am motivated.

46. I make a huge impact in the world.

47. I love building relationships and being of service.

48. I have the confidence to break out of the mould and do things my way.

49. I choose to focus on all the good and abundance in my life and invite even more in.

50. I choose to invite more joy, love and confidence into my life.

51. I believe in myself.

52. I choose to stop playing small and step fully into my power.

53. I am powerful beyond belief.

54. I let go of perfection — good enough is okay.

55. I choose to do what makes me feel good.

If you’ve enjoyed these affirmations, you can download my free pdf for the full 249 affirmations for unbreakable confidence by clicking here.

Much Love

Claire x

Originally published at medium.com

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