5 Ways to Boost Self Confidence

Having Self Confidence will create a happier you and happier life.

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Women in general are notorious for beating themselves up. We are in essence, our biggest critics. We ourselves create negative beliefs , that then make us feel insecure, and have lack of confidence in ourselves. Other various factors included that plays a part in our confidence building are:

Genetics, Personality, Age, Health, Social Circumstances, and Life Experiences

An important note is that self-esteem is not fixed. It is malleable and measurable, meaning we can test for and improve upon it.

85% of the population feels some form of low self esteem and lack of confidence but the following 5 tips will help with building confidence so you are feeling more certain with who you are and as a result you will feel happier.

Learning a New Topic : Getting knowledge makes you feel excited, its expanding your horizons. Whether it’s learning how to do something new, a new language, how to cook or even how to style yourself. Whatever it is, learning something new makes you feel good and feeling good builds confidence. You will be getting clarity about something you didn’t know about, learning in essence makes you feel younger and makes you feel good.

Keep Promises to Yourself: Make a commitment and follow through. Sounds easier said than done, but if you can follow through with a commitment , again you will feel good which in turn will build confidence. Cleaning out your closet, writing in your journal, eating healthy , going to gym. Regardless of what that commitment is, when you follow through, you feel good, your mindset changes also . Building confidence as you go.

Wear Something That Makes You Feel Good: How the clothing makes you feel is what builds confidence, it’s not about the piece of clothing . Is it Designer or Not. The key is when you look in the mirror and you smile, this boosts your self confidence. You don’t need to loose weight, its about wearing something that makes you feel good. When we do this, our confidence level raises because we like what we are wearing. We project to the world , we have eye contact and smile more. How many times have you gone to run errands etc and you didn’t put any effort into what your wearing, you smile less, you hide and try to avoid eye contact. So wear something that makes you feel good. It can even be a pair of earrings, or some lipstick to add color.

Surround Yourself With Positive Influences: Declutter what doesn’t fit! Don’t surround yourself with people who are Debbie downers. People with a negative mindset. They bring down your mood. Low vibe people in general are exhausting, they weigh us down and lets face it can drain your positive vibes. Don’t let the horrible self-talk set in. Be unapologetic with who you hang out with. Just put these people on MUTE! Instead surround yourself with uplifting , motivated people. Even, the media shut it out . If its a loved one then try to distance yourself as much as possible. Turn on some good vibes music and that can definitely boost your self confidence.

Treat Yourself Well: Simple things will make you feel good about yourself and boost your confidence. Little things like taking a bath, working out, calling a friend, getting enough sleep . These are examples of what can make you feel good and boost your confidence. Celebrate your wins daily, or weekly. Focus on what you got done, in return this creates a positive mindset. Create positive self talk and delete the negative.

If you want to build your self confidence–and really, who doesn’t want to be happier and fell great?–measure yourself against these 5 tips, pick a starting place, and get to work. The payoff is tremendous.

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    People of today grow up with unfortunate, self-esteem degrading messages. Our media culture slaps humor on top of it in sitcoms or dresses it up in passionate looking cologne ads, but the underlying meaning is the same: who you are as a man is dangerous, perverted and not enough. The breakdown that is happening to the modern male psyche is creating a serious displacement of masculine power and vulnerability in our world today. There are so few places that men feel truly welcomed and even fewer places where they feel they belong. I grew up in a violent home where there was a daily psychological breakdown of my sense of self. I was made to believe that I possessed no intrinsic value and that everything I did only brought on more disgrace and shame. As I grew older, I became afraid that everything my tormentor told me was right: that I was worthless, cowardly, slutty, selfish and stupid. Any time we are put down, rejected or exiled, there is a shattering of our inherent self-esteem. The pieces scatter and we cannot go backward in time to retrieve the lost pieces of ourselves. We cannot change our past, but we can bear witness to and utilize our pain to help us move forward powerfully. The Difference between Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence The difference between self-esteem and self-confidence is an important one. Self-confidence is to have trust or faith in our abilities. It is about how well we perform, the quality of our work, our ability to connect, or our love making skills, in relation to others. Self-confidence is born from the strategies and tactics which, in ideal circumstances, we would learn from our parents and community as we grow up. Most of us did not grow up in the ideal and we've had to teach ourselves to have confidence in our abilities as adults. While this is incredibly important, I have seen men build confidence every way to Wednesday and still lack fulfillment. The trick to creating fulfillment is to first build self-esteem then self-confidence. The etymology of the word esteem is 'to value'. Self-esteem, then, is how much value or worth we place on ourselves. Unlike self-confidence which grows based on our achievements in relation to other, self-esteem is rooted in belonging to the whole. When we have a unique offering, and it is needed in the whole, we feel an inherent sense of value. Self-esteem happens when you give your true self to where it is most needed in the world. One Powerful Strategy & Instant Self-Esteem Boosting How do we find the gifts of our true self? To retrieve the power of your genius, look within your pain. The strategy looks like this: • 1.Find the Pain (words): Write down the top 3 most hurtful words anyone has ever said to you • 2.Specificity: Go deeper with each one, be specific about what the words were directed at (what were you doing or being in the moment?) • 3.Positive Replacement: If you could replace the hurtful-vomit-words with a positive version or a compliment – what would the positive replacement words be? (Try completing the sentence, "It's okay that ______ . or, I like that ______ .) • 4.Simplify: Simplify #3 until you the positive replacement quality that is 1-5 words in length – this is one of the gifts of your true self This powerful strategy uncovers the deepest gifts you have to offer. **Please note, however, that the instant self-esteem boost happens not when you uncover the gift, but when you give it to someone who needs it most. ** I've completed a quick example of my own to show you how it's done: • The Pain (word): chicken-shit • Specificity: when I visibly expressed any fear or anxiety, especially when going to a social situation • Positive replacement: It's okay that you feel nervous. It's good to feel what you feel – that way you can be honest with yourself and what you need. • Simplify: I am honest or I am authentic Instant Self-Esteem Boost: When I give the gift of my authenticity (which is insanely vulnerable!), people tell me it makes them feel safe, free and deeply connected, and when they tell me this it shows me the positive impact I create, it lets me know how valuable I am, and it increases my sense of self worth. That means wherever safety, freedom and connection are needed is where I and my authenticity belong. Our intrinsic gifts are not merely the opposite of what ever hurtful things people said to us, but are a deeper extraction of our true nature qualities that at some point caused social or familial exile. What is important is not so much that exile happens because at some point in everyone's life we feel outcast or alone. What is important is that we can come back to our selves fully when it does. Give your Gifts Away. Starting Now. Find a homeless shelter and volunteer for one hour, bring flowers just to say 'you're lovely and thanks for all you do', buy a coffee for the guy in line behind you. Do something kind and compassionate; implement your gift to help one person who really needs it today. Remember, when you give your gifts away to people who need it, it becomes strikingly apparent how powerful you really are and your self-esteem increases naturally. Commitments Solidify Learning. Part of building self-esteem is committing to something greater than yourself for the sake of something greater than yourself. Leave a comment below the blog and tell us what you're going to do TODAY that is kind and compassionate display of your true gifts.

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