5 Vivid Ways of Revamping Your Work Space

We spend a big chunk of our daily life at our workspace, one-third to be specific, and if you take out the eight hours of sleep, then it results in us spending half of our conscious time every day at work. Naturally, it means that the ambiance of our work space has a tremendous effect […]

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We spend a big chunk of our daily life at our workspace, one-third to be specific, and if you take out the eight hours of sleep, then it results in us spending half of our conscious time every day at work. Naturally, it means that the ambiance of our work space has a tremendous effect on our physical, mental, and even emotional well-being.

Our work space must be a healthy one, full of positive vibes and aesthetically appealing elements.  After all, it will have pragmatic benefits to our output. But how do we do that? Well, one of the most prominent methods of ensuring it is through refurbishing and revamping the look of your work space.  

Its constructive advantages will blow your mind. Sounds interesting, right? Here are some of the ways of changing the look of your work space.

How to Refurbish Your Work Space

Revamping the entire work space can seem tedious and expensive, and of course, we do understand that there might be a budget-constraint. Therefore, you can plan accordingly and set your renovation in a step-by-step process.  In addition, this list is not chronological. So, practice freedom when it comes to prioritizing your plan of action as to which one you want to do first and which one later.  

A Natural Lighting Pattern

The lighting condition in your vicinity has a direct correlation to your mood, which reflects in your output.  

When you work in a dim or poorly-lit area, not only will your eyesight suffer, but so will your energy to work, and you will suffer from absenteeism. Reversely, working in an extremely bright room can also have adverse effects which may lead to headaches, poor vision when you step outside and will make you feel that you are always on the spot. Even the angle at which the lights are positioned can alter your mood.

Try to make way for natural light to come into your office. If this seems a bit implausible, then carve out more windows, install skylights, and transform walls into transparent glass doors.

You should also use LED lights since they help in improving the alertness and concentration of your employees. Go for white lights that have a bluish tint to them since that would replicate the natural lighting pattern of our environment. The owners will also see its benefits since it saves up to 50% power.

Green Life Forms

You probably have heard it a million times, and trust us; they don’t say it for futile reasons. Going green has a multi-purpose effect on the overall ambiance of your work space. Among the innumerable ways of going green, it is always ideal to start with the basic, yet evergreen idea – introducing plants to your work space.

Studies have proven that employees that have been surrounded by green plants in their office space tend to be healthier, happier, and more productive than those who aren’t subjected to live plants. And no, plastic artificial plants do not count.

Having plants in a work space gives an earthen feel to the employees, where they feel close to Mather Nature despite staying inside a building constructed of steel and cement.  They also produce fresh oxygen and eliminate carbon-dioxide creating an airy and clean environment.  Besides, their possibilities from an ornamental and decorative perspective are endless.

By the way, when we say go green, we don’t mean only green plants. Many ornamental plants come in orange, brown, red, pink, and yellow colors, all of which can help remind us of natural vegetation.

This is why more and more offices are installing mini tropical gardens, succulents, and other hanging plants to bring about a lively environment at work. In a tense environment such as your work space, these life forms can help you become calm, cool, and collected.

A Touch of Aquatic Life

Speaking of life forms, why only stick to flora? Well, we are being realistic; we aren’t asking you to have pets such as dogs and cats that might be a bit distracting at a work environment (although we are not opposed to the idea), but certainly, you can have an aquarium in your office.

Aquariums can not only be aesthetically appealing, but they are known for removing stress and bringing lively energy to those who are in its vicinity. Besides, they have a positive impact on lowering blood pressure, improving heart rate, curing insomnia, elevating mood, providing relaxation, among others.

To add to that, unlike a cat or dog, aquatic pets such as fish won’t roam around the office or create unnecessary noises. There is a sort of relief when you watch a school of fish swimming from one end to another of an aquarium. In fact, they can serve as a way of therapy even.  And if you can or want to invest in other non-dish pets, you can bring in squids, octopuses, snails, shrimps, frogs, etc. as well in your aquarium.

Besides, they can serve as a major part of the interior look of your office. With so many aquarium decor ideas available these days, aquariums are almost like a canvas for you.

Open Space

The basic idea of an open work space is to have a place where you can breathe! Yes, having an open space is not only visually pleasing, but it also plays a pivotal role in letting our creative juices flowing.

Of course, you can have desks, chairs, and other equipment; but don’t limit yourself with the conventional interior décor ideas. Include sofas, bean bags, and floor mattresses, among others. These open-end areas promote mental growth and kill lethargy and monotonousness.

More and more new-edge designing ideas are sprouting the brains of interior designers. Work with them and re-discover your work space. Choose a functional layout as your design. Build a quiet zone in your office space where employees will participate in work that requires high focus.  Eliminate any element that makes your work space claustrophobic. Have a touchdown area where employees can brainstorm without making it look like a boardroom meeting. Provide a place where they can relax during their lunch or other breaks.  Include modern and ethnic benches and seats in the hallway or corridors where small talks can take place, or where an impromptu meeting can be set up.

The Sixth Smart Sense

Artificial intelligence is slowly and steadily taking over the world. Soon, we will be in a place where most of the action will be performed by them. To put it simply, we will have a smart work place.

Wondering what a smart work place means? Well, we are talking about sensors. This could apply to light sensors that notice the presence of humans and light up a room accordingly or sensors that can heat or cool down a room based on whether there are people in it or not.  In addition, there are sensors that improve the air quality and remove odor from a room as well.

As you can see, these sensors can not only create a smart innovative tech-savvy environment, but they will also save a lot of money since you don’t have to rely on manual effort to switch off and on all these electric appliances. Of course, we understand that the initial installation of it might be costly, but long-term, it will have a lot of benefits. You don’t have to transform your office into a smart place right away; take your time, but do give a thought to it in your near or distant future.

Refurnishing and revamping your work space will have a long-term effect, and it should be noted that their sole purpose is not to improve aesthetic appeal. They have a positive impact on the health of the employees, which will ultimately result in better outcomes and profit for the company. So, it’s a win-win situation.

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