5 Steps to Creating A Personalized Healing Environment

Create a life that heals

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Sunrise, Lapland Finland 2018. Picture by Caitlin Donovan. 

This article might not be about what you think it’s about.

As a practicing acupuncturist, using the word healing in a title for an article is fear inducing. We are not allowed to claim that we can heal or cure. Just the same as doctors, we are taught to use the language: treat and manage.

However, what I see, feel and know in my core after a decade of watching people heal and fail to heal is this: without shifting away from the lifestyle that was present when the illness happened, true healing is unavailable.

You know the stories. You read them with gusto every time they pop up. The titles are clear: “I healed my Hashimoto’s and you can too!” or “I taught my cancer to spontaneously remiss!”. Each of us imbibes these stories like a drunkard imbibes a bottle of wine, we swallow them whole, LOVE them and then are left feeling empty one it finishes.

You want to know, desperately how to create healing in your life.. For the big things, for the small things, you just want to know what to do to HEAL. So you find these incredible stories of healing, near death experiences and the like. Each of them carries the same message: It was a wake up call, I knew I needed to start living differently. I changed this, this and this.

And then you go back to your life and think, “Well, I’m not that sick and change is a lot of work, so I’ll sit here until something happens and then I’ll think about change”.

What I’m here to tell you today is: it’s never too early. It’s never too early to listen to your body and adjust your life, one small step at a time to a life that engenders and supports the health and comfort of your mind, body, and soul.

The question that pops up now is: “Yes, but how do I do that?”.

Mel Robbins, life coach extraordinaire would tell you this: “You need to hear this loud and clear, no one is coming, it is up to you”.

Step One is Deciding

Deciding that you will no longer live in a way that causes your emotional, mental or physical health to suffer.

Step Two is Listening

Listen to yourself, you’re pretty smart. You know that list of things that you are resistant to do but you know would get you where you want to go? Pick one. Do it right now. You will not change your life by avoiding all the things that you are afraid to or do not want to do. No one gets stronger without building muscle.

Step Three is Acting

Know, now, that you will not always get it right. You will have to try on some of those ideas that have been bouncing around in your head with no guarantee that they will work. Or rather, with a guarantee that some of them will work and some of them will not. You will never know before you try. So try. And try. And try.

Step Four is Refining

Pay attention to the action that works. And repeat it. Then, every time one of your ideas that has been floating around fails, rejoice! You are one step closer to knowing where you need to go. Adjust your sails, sailor, the winds are now right behind you.

Step Five is Trust Yourself 

The more you refine, the more your intuition will guide you. You learn, learn, and learn until you are SURE that you can trust yourself. Once you hit step five, you start all over again.

Decide. Listen. Act. Refine. Trust.

DLART doesn’t make a great acronym but what it does is create a life that your mind, body, and spirit love. You co-create with your internal intelligence the life that you truly want to live. You will be inspired to take action to keep yourself healthier. You will adjust course when necessary. Your satisfaction and health will influence the people around you. And you’ll be healing yourself, daily.  

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