5 Spiritual Practices to Amp Up Your Work Life

Replace job stress with job satisfaction.

Are you satisfied with your job? Not a tiny bit? Ok, when was the last time you met someone satisfied with his or her job? My weak memory can’t recollect meeting that rare bird.

This post is about turning the tables on the bad boys — work stress and job dissatisfaction — using simple spiritual tools that won’t cost you a single penny!

Here we go:

1. Practice Gratitude — Almost every religion has preached its followers to be grateful for what you have. All this limelight must be for a reason. Isn’t it? Make gratitude a habit — your second nature. Whenever you are grateful for something you have, the energy vibrations of your body instantly take a positive turn. This shift will give you more energy and motivation to strive and put in your best efforts. As a result, your job performance will improve bringing in more success for you.

You don’t need fancy equipment to start being grateful. Here’s a simple thing that I’ve been doing for years now, for a great start at work: I have a small cardboard box with a thin slit in it. Every morning, I take a small piece of paper and jot down just one thing that I’m grateful for, at that moment. Then I simply slide it into that ‘gratitude box’. Every once in a while, I open that box and randomly read out that thank-you notes. This practice has really helped me stay positive in my lows.

Take out a few minutes every day, be grateful for what you have, in whatever way you want, and let it work for you. The Magic by Rhonda Byrne is a wonderful book to help you embed gratitude in your life in only 28 days.

2. Meditate — The profound upsides of meditation are an open secret. According to a scientific study, meditation has the power to change our brain’s structure and improve our physical and mental health. The good news is that you don’t have to be a yogi or a guru to start meditating. It’s the most straightforward activity. Simply start setting aside five to ten minutes a day for meditation and let it amaze you with its wonderful powers. The best thing would be to reach your office a few minutes earlier and start your day with a small meditation. This practice will put you on the right track to have a great day at work. If you’re still wondering about the ‘hows’, here’s a great article on weaving meditation into your busy life’s fabric.

3. Balance your Chakras: Energy experts dub us human beings as ‘energy beings’. The basic premise is that there are seven energy centers (chakras) in our body that regulate all aspects of our life. These chakras need constant tending to keep them healthy and balanced. The lowest one, called the root chakra, is the regulator of your security which includes financial security. You can’t help but notice that your job situation improves as soon as you clear up your root chakra.

Balancing your chakras is as easy as doing your meditation. Strive for opening up all your chakras and go back for regular cleansing whenever you feel the need. Here is a comprehensive guide that will give you all that you need to know for chakra balancing.

4. Practice Kindness: There is no better feeling than the satisfaction that comes from helping someone. Whether you name it selflessness, kindness or compassion, the resulting positivity goes a long way in repairing your emotional wear and tear. As a result, you will enjoy better relations, improved handling of your emotions, and more intelligent decision making at your work.

The good thing is that your work environment offers unlimited opportunities to practice compassion. You can start with small acts of kindness to get the buzz and move on from there. To start off, have a look at this Kindness Project and see if you can get yourself involved by joining their vibrant global community.

5. Stay Mindful: Mindfulness at the workplace has received due attention in the last couple of years. Being mindful simply means to stay in the present moment and absorb the experience in its entirety. You can learn this ancient art with some practice. By being mindful, you can focus more deeply on the task at hand and deliver better quality.

There are lots of free mindfulness meditations out there, waiting for you to start. Here is a great resource on how to practice mindfulness at work.

Using these simple and time-tested activities, you can turn your work life around and start enjoying it while gaining traction towards success.

If you have other hacks to make your job more fulfilling for you, feel free to share them in the comments section and let it be your today’s act of kindness 🙂

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