5 simple steps to regain your power

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In today’s day of age, stressors and stimuli can be found pretty much everywhere. Between the lapses of activities, one can find themselves constantly preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of everyday living. Do you constantly find yourself feeling like you don’t have control over your life? That you find your self-wanting some downtime but never truly receiving it? If so, you may have lost your power. And no I’m not talking about some grandiose “superpower” we all have access to this source of energy if we looked in the right places. With this power, you can regain your peace, and life becomes a whole lot less chaotic. If applied correctly and with intent, these 5 simple steps can bring you closer to your dream life no matter who you are and what it is you truly want. LOL, that’s the greatest part about being “YOU” when you apply these powerful methods you are going to receive tailored results to match your greatest good! Still, don’t believe? Read on. 

Step 1 


This one is SO important, people waste so much time worrying about what someone else is thinking. This is about as wasteful as you can be, first off let me just tell you that humans have over a thousand thoughts in one day. And don’t let no one try and convince you otherwise… people aren’t usually thinking about what you think they’re thinking about. Whew, that was complicated; just talking about it is exhausting. When people voice there thoughts this is what is manifested into an opinion. And EVERYONE has one, which is why you should forget about them, all of them and trust your self and your intuition. People change their minds daily and are their thoughts are constantly being filtered by there unique experiences. Now I’m not saying to ignore all warnings, sometimes a wisdom nugget has been placed on our consciousness but PLEASE don’t go into a frenzy over what people tell you should do. Simply take a step back and ask your self, how do YOU feel and what is it that will really make you HAPPY. Follow that and forget the rest, do this as often as you can to regain your power. 

Step 2


Now I don’t care what you believe in, whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu or the universe. It really doesn’t matter what you believe in you gotta stop trying to figure everything out by yourself. It’s a beautiful thing to believe in something greater, but have you actually decided to TRUST in that something greater? Have you ever tried? Have you genuinely asked for guidance, or prayed? I promise you it seems simple. But you have to make it a habit, nothing will ever work using it once in a blue moon. Literally just asking the higher energy for a GUIDANCE can be so useful. Praying and removing faith based off of your human abilities and moving into this power that can flow through you if you allow it. PRAY and TALK to this power often become best friends with this, and watch your life change.  Do this to regain your power, repeat often.  

Step 3


To my knowledge time never stops; our daily living is a continuation of events, places to be, people to meet, work, school, kids etc. So we can all make the excuse of not having enough time. Hey, even the bum sitting on the couch all day long and night can say they don’t have enough time either. The fact of the matter is that we make time for what we want. Most of the time we are just reacting to life happening to us. We react out of an emotional state never logically analyzing the situation. It would help our emotional state if we did this. The greatest part of this is that you can change your circumstances at a given point in your life if you truly wanted to. Make time for what you like to do, but if you don’t have an idea of what that is then you should start by getting to know yourself. Sitting in silence, praying even if it’s just locking yourself in the bedroom for 5 mins. Try new things, like painting or martial arts, go learn a new language or sit in a bath for 20 mins. The point is to find out what you need to do in order to take care of yourself. At first anything new is strange so like anything else makes it a habit. Make YOU a priority. Repeat this as often as you can to regain your power. 

Step 4  


Being grateful for things in your life is a sure fire way to regain your power. When we are grateful for the little things in life God gives us more. When we are spoiled and bratty we will receive less abundance in our lives, and in turn, live a not so fulfilling life. Being ungrateful is the quickest way to turn blind to all the wonderful miracles that make life so magical. Gratitude is a humbling practice, it can instantly elevate your mood and literally make you think and see differently. As long as you woke up today you have many reasons to be grateful so don’t think you don’t. If you find yourself feeling like all things are out of control, go back to practicing gratitude. Repeat often for best results. 

Step 5


Its really easy to get sucked into the negative aspects of life, because trust me there is always negative things to focus on. But all this does is lower the vibration that you are emanating and allowing more negative crap to fill your mind. You’re in control of your thoughts they don’t own you. So its natural to be pessimistic about things from time to time but the key is to interject these negative thoughts and replace them with more good. So let’s say you had one negative thought replace with 3 positive thoughts. Yes at first it will feel weird and uncomfortable do it anyways. Practicing awareness of your daily thoughts will make it easier to interject and form positive thinking habits. The power of our thoughts are greatly underestimated and the power behind changing the polarity of your thoughts is even grander than we are aware of. So if you ever feel powerless understand you have this choice always. Repeat often, every day actually and you will regain your power. I promise. 


The power you receive after you make these 5 steps are life-changing. And you don’t need any money to start any of these steps. In fact, you don’t need anything but yourself and the actual will to start. So start now, start right where you are. Practice makes your skill set stronger. I’ve chosen these steps because they embody simplicity, and can really get you going no matter who you are or where life has landed you. I’ve used them and they have worked and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times life has left me powerless. I look back to these great key points and instantly changes my world again. They are simple and they are foolproof. So go, reclaim your power. I believe in you. 

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