5 Simple Steps to Patent Your Invention Idea

Eventually, when you have an invention idea in your mind, then the most common question that occasionally arises in your mind is how do I get a patent

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How can I register my idea to secure copyrights? First of all, you should be much familiar with what is meant by patent or in simply what is patent.

Have some search for a patent on the internet and gather knowledge about legalities in your country.  After that, It’s time to turn your idea into a business, so let’s get started. You should follow simple 5 steps to get patent your invention idea successfully.

Record the Invention

In United States Specifically patents are granted to the first-to-invent, not the first to apply. To do so, you can prove that you have invented something first by writing up a detailed description of your idea with duration, for example date and signed by you along with your witness. Your idea should be kept confidential otherwise you would not be able to get patent for that. Your invented product or invention idea shouldn’t be public, or on sales for a year before applying for patent.

Do a Patent Search

No matter how much you are sure about that that your invention is unique, different, or one of its own kind. There are roughly 7million or so patents in the United States alone so even if you don’t see your invention on the shelves. It does not mean that your idea is not owned by somebody else.

Generally, inventors hire patent agents or attorneys to do what’s called a prior art search before they apply. A prior art search will compare your invention with existing prior inventions. This will give you an indication of whether or not you will even qualify for a patent.

If, your invention idea is patentable the results will help you adjust your application so that it is stronger and competitive. On the other hand, if it is not patentable you will have saved yourself a lot of time and money.

Assessment of Applicable Criteria

Stay your patent search results come back promising. You will want to so some additional market research before you make a final decision, whether to apply. This would incorporate things like discovering the expense of making your invention. Whether or not there is competition selling a similar product to yours and can this product be sold and if so, to who?

Your patent agent or attorney can help you with professional recommendations but the ultimate decision is yours as you’re the inventor.

Choose Right Type of Patent Application

So, when you are fully confident about your invention idea and want to patent this idea. You must review the US patent and Trademark Office website rules and regulation. There are several different types of patents, your agent or attorney will help walk you through the process. Choosing one depending upon your invention and what type of protection you may need.

Wait for a Decision

Waiting for a decision from the Patent Office can take anywhere from one to five years unfortunately. In this scenario, you can start using the term patent pending on your invented product. In case you are successful in getting your idea patented, you will need to strategized about how to enforce it and make money from it. On the other hand, if you are not granted a patent you can appeal that decision.

There are several other legal nuances in a patent application process. You can also seek guidance from your family lawyer, there you will find a better consultation about patent or licensing your precious invention.

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