5 Self-Mastery Blueprints for the Holiday’s

Invest in your growth this year.

The Holiday’s play a big toll on your Mind, Body, & Spirit..

Daily Blueprints for your toolbox..

​Love Yourself with unbreakable Courage, Belief , Discipline, Hope, Faith, Sexy Raw Vision, and Inner Fire with a Electric compass to your true north. ​

The two most important lessons you deal with daily is Food & Money..

Have you had a friend or relative that takes 30 min. to order a meal every time they are at a restaurant. Mostly they are worried about money or what the food will make them feel like after digestion. When you Mastery your blueprints around these decisions your life makes a spellbinding shift in elite energy. You stop wasting time on draining and conflicting issues with self-worth and self-doubt..

Most people have never been taught on how to manage money or deal with food as fuel. You are always spending money on food and you are mostly wasting money on the wrong types of food to sustain any type of high performance.

So I Made a choice to be aware of these two most tangible decisions 18 years ago and I haven’t looked back.. Creating simple ways to stay grounded with captivating clarity. I always Fuel my body with the right food to kept the level of awareness I desperately need for the right mindset to sustain an abundant life.

Here are my Energy Mastery tips..

Keep Life Simple

1. Investing in yourself creates a shift of self-worth to your conscious. I paid for help from Mentors & Healers to release the old habits / blueprints. (CEO’s & High Performers are always investing in growth)

The reason most people can’t break a habit is that they haven’t taken out the mental trash to make room for a new habit to begin… Creating new skill’s is a secret treasure..Release the old so the new seed can grow..Make Space for the New Growth…

2. Did you know that what you focus your thoughts and energy on becomes your reality? So if you want to make a extra $1000 a month write out 50 ways this can happen so the path to resistant is slim. So if you want to be Healthier for the new Year start now. Shifting out of the New Year’s Resolution month of shame. Start Mindful eating of real food Snacks (non packed), Walk for 5 to 10 min. everyday for the next 30 days outside before work. Keep Life Simple..

You need to Believe it can happen and that you are worth this transformation.

3. We are always distracted so to ease your mind during the day only open 1 or 2 pages on your screen until you finish that task.

This create Discipline & laser Focus.

4. Theme your week for Mindfulness, Movement, Prosperity, and Fun. Marketing Mondays, Thankful Tuesdays, Walking Wednesday, Throwback Thursday …

Start with 30 min to an hour each day..

5. Non- Negotiable: Clean eating, mindset work, hydration and movement daily (water & super-foods)​

Maca Power, Chia seeds, Walking Meditation , EFT, Self-Love, Yoga.

Keep Life Simple..

Thanks for reading

Kerry Morgan

I intuitively discover exactly where a person is struggling & paint a new blueprint for their day to day reality..


The Holiday’s pay a big toll on your Mind, Body, & Spirit..

Find your heart and make it whole

Heal the breaks to calm your soul

Learn to love yourself wildly with lack of control…

Morning & Night Time Self-Love Mantra’s

I am the most loving, passionate, hopeless romantic while living on earth.

I am in full control feeling love & receiving abundance..

I am Enough in this very present moment..

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