5 Reasons Why People Sabotage Living Their Dreams

You can live your dreams once you stop sabotaging yourself.

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People set goals at the beginning of each year of what they want to accomplish during the course of the year. Some start out on a strategic mission working hard for the first couple of weeks, but fizzle out just as fast as they started.

Some press ahead for a month or two, but soon give up because of the distractions of life. There are others who don’t set any goals because they failed in times past.

I realized after talking to several individuals and looking at my life, there are five key reasons why people sabotage living their dreams.

1. It has never been done before.

Who hasn’t heard this excuse? This excuse has killed many dreams. People allow the pessimistic commentary of others and their own negative inner voice to tell them debilitating lies. They say: It’s impossible. It’s unattainable. No one has ever done it.

All of these are examples of the kind of thoughts and inputs that we allow pessimistic people and our negative inner voice speak to our lives. If what you dream of doing has never been done before in your sphere of connections, develop a plan and do it any way. If it doesn’t get done, then you and those connected to you will miss your contribution.

2. Believe skills are insufficient.

How often has someone shot down your dreams by telling you that you are not qualified because you don’t have the right skills, connections or experience? How many times have you listened to their negative comments and forfeited your dreams?

Don’t accept people’s negative comments as your truth. Don’t let anyone talk you out of what is possible for you to achieve. If you don’t have the necessary skills, you can acquire them. In our technological world you can learn the necessary skills, make helpful connections and acquire the experience you need to achieve your dreams. It will take work on your behalf, but it can be done.

3. Unwilling to change.

You say you want to make life changes, but you never find the energy or make the effort to make the necessary changes. You live every day the same as the day before. You waste time and energy going around in circles that leave you exhausted and frustrated at the end of the day. You want different results, but you keep living the same.

You are actually living a life of insanity. Albert Einstein describes insanity as, ‘doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results’. Don’t get comfortable with a routine that is not working. Don’t let stagnation infiltrate your ability to change.

If you want to advance your life, you must change directions. You must be willing to do things differently. It may be difficult. You may have to separate from people, places and possessions that keep you in a comfort zone. If you seriously desire change, you must be willing to commit to the task at hand and take consistent daily action to break free of your comfort zone and get the results you desire.

4. Everything must be perfect.

If you believe that everything must be perfect before you live your dreams, think again. You will hinder your progress if you believe the perfect lie. Don’t squander precious time trying to dot all the “I’s and cross all the “T”s, before you launch your dreams. If you do, you may run out of time.

Trust me, it is okay not to be perfect, because “being perfect” is not real. It’s just wishful thinking. It does not exist. Okay, I forgot there have been a few perfect games pitched in baseball and Baylor women college basketball team completed a perfect 40-0 season a couple years ago.

Besides a few exceptions, striving for a false perfectionism can distract you from being the real you, living what you believe, speaking what is right, wearing what you like and doing what you dream.

5. Lack of support.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone you knew gave you their full support for what you desire to accomplish. I have a reality check for you. It’s never going to happen. No matter what you do, you will always have people even some close to you that will find fault or criticize your efforts.

You must determine in your mind to rise above adversity, disbelief, non-support, and criticism and go after your dreams. Never let someone else’s opinion or criticism keep you from doing something you truly know is possible.

I wanted to share with you these five reasons that many people stop chasing their dreams – today, tomorrow, and in the future. I challenge you to stop sabotaging your dreams, set your path and begin the journey.

“Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” Langston Hughes

Question: What have you
done that has sabotaged you from living your dreams? Leave a comment.

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