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5 Personality Traits Successful People Share:

Step 1: Embrace your purpose.

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1. They embrace their purpose. Successful people have a clear understanding of what they were born to do. Some understand this sooner than others, but generally by the early 20’s successful people know what life path they’ll follow. They appreciate it, embrace it, stick to it, work diligently for it, and fulfill it.

2. They love mistakes. The people who became successful and held their success up over a long period of time, are people who’ve worked out a set of routines and strategies that eventually led them to understand and master the system. A system successful people have deciphered over time, which eventually led them to success. Figuring out that system is not an overnight thing — it’s the result of a personal hands-on experience of trial and error, over a relatively long period of time. After years, (even decades) of trial and error, successful people have learnt to lower their rate of mistakes. The rate of mistakes and the level of success of a person are inversely proportional. Therefore, whenever successful people commit a mistake, they’ll re-wire their internal system so that the same mistake won’t happen again. Unsuccessful people view mistakes as hell falling upon them. Successful people view mistakes as a blessing.

3. They believe they will always make it. Successful people do not take failure in consideration, or if they do, just slightly because it’s human nature. They have an extraordinary ability to maintain a tunnel vision pointed directly to their desired final outcome. Successful people program themselves to think on a higher level than the average person. I’ll draw this picture in your mind: imagine that the average person has to drive from Brooklyn to Manhattan during rush hours. The traffic is the challenger, the evil obstacle which can stop the average person from reach his/her destination. Now imagine the successful person taking an helicopter from Brooklyn to Manhattan during rush hours. Successful people have an omniscient view of the situation they’re in. They maintain a tunnel vision pointed directly to that helicopter base they need to land on. Sure, they may experience some wind, some clouds, but this is peanuts for them. For more examples just think of Elon Musk.

4. No one can stop them. Successful people — in one way or another — will find a solution to most problems. Although I’m not necessarily the type of successful people we think of when mentioning “successful”, in my little world I do my best to fulfill my potential. I’m an international student in the U.S. with an F-1 student visa. By law I can’t book any paid job as an undergraduate during my period of studies. My passion is acting. So what? Only because I can’t legally get an agent, and/or book paid roles for movies, do I have to give up on my dream of becoming a professional actor? Screw that; i produce my own short films, and reenactments of movie scenes, and that’s pretty much the solution to my obstacle. I feel the need to unravel my passion for acting and share it with people- so I do it:

this is a scene i uploaded on 4/11/17 from The Departed

5. Successful people don’t gossip. Little talks bring no one nowhere. F*ck people who gossip and talk behind the shoulders. Successful people won’t waste their time talking about stuff that does not matter. But how do successful people react when other people gossip about them, all the time? Well- successful people demonstrate who they are and how much they’re worth through their actions, and their consistency. You know what happens to shitty little talks, gossip, and haters? They crack under pressure.

You know who the pressure is? Successful people.

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