5 Effective Ways to Protect Kids from COVID-19 While In School

Protection is Better Than Cure!

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Are you worked up by the thought of your kids going back to school during this COVID-19 era?  Can kids be trusted to take care of themselves against such a dangerous disease? No! Not at all! Children interact a lot when playing.

Consequently, the responsibility of ensuring the safety of your children falls squarely on you. Known for ravaging adults and the elderly, the disease can be stopped by protecting children from infections hence stopping them from spreading it to adults.

Teach your child (ren) to wear masks, wash hands frequently and to maintain a considerable distance (1.5m) between them and other kids while they are at home.

Once they go to school, they will definitely apply the same discipline. This discipline will go a long way in protecting them from the monster.

1. Government Policy, Practice, and Infrastructure

A)        Government Policy

The disease being a worldwide problem, governments need to take the lead in fighting it. Consequently, policy development on protecting kids from covid-19 ranks among the best initiatives.

B)        Practice

Prioritize to practice safety over policy creation. Washing hands properly, keeping a safe distance, and wearing face masks among others.

C)        Infrastructure

The responsibility of establishing school infrastructure falls squarely on the government. However, the school administration needs to support government efforts by setting up basic things, such as increasing taps for running water. This will ensure the government works on the more costly issues like constructing more classes and dormitories.

2. Daily Practices and cleanliness in Classrooms

As a teacher, ensure that students apply the disease safety measures. More importantly, in order to protect kids from COVID-19, teachers need to insist on these rules.

The spacing of desks and making students observe a 1.5meter safe distance from each other can never be overemphasized.

A)        Face Mask and Frequent Hand Washing

Teachers should make sure kids on put on age appropriate face mask. However, they must still wash their hands properly using soap and running water.

B) Provide Good School Environment

A safe and clean environment protects kids from COVID-19 while in schools. As a matter of fact, emphasis should be on the provision of well ventilated classrooms and a clean compound.  Clean-up and disinfection routines need to be emphasized, furthermore, hand-washing facilities should be provided.

3. Viewing and Caring of Sick Students, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

There is nothing as important as policies. Nonetheless, the desire and will from those concerned to do the right things matters most. Schools need to consider the policy of staying at home if sick.

A) Relax Doctor’s Note Requirement

Relaxing the strict requirement to get a note from the doctor in order to miss school will help a lot. Students who have come into contact with COVID-19 patients have to stay at home for 14 days. Nevertheless, on arrival at school, their temperature should be checked.

B) Checklist for Parents and Students

Introduce a checklist that helps parents and students make a decision on whether to go to school. However, you need to consider the local covid-19 situation while designing the contents of the checklist.

4. Use throwaway Lunch Boxes and Avoid the School Bus

A) Throwaway Lunch Boxes

Use non-reusable lunch boxes to pack lunch for your kids. This minimizes the risk of the disease. Better still, discourage your kids from sharing food with others yet make them understand the rareness of the situation. When a child eats, throwing away the lunch boxes to garbage bin should follow naturally.

B) Avoid the School Bus

It is common knowledge that among the experiences a kid enjoys the most, the bus ride to school stands out. Yet you need to have an honest talk with him on the disease and why he needs to take a break from the school bus. For children to take self responsibility with safety measures, their involvement and understanding of this matter is needed. This works for your family and everyone else.

5. Provide Awaiting Room for Sick Students

As part of the measures to protect kids from COVID-19 while in school, it is important schools establish a waiting room for sick children next to the entrance. If students display signs of Covid-19 sickness they should be taken to this place awaiting the arrival of their parents or caregivers. The school nurse takes charge of this room.

A)        Avoid Causing Stigma

The usage of the waiting room should be free of stigma. For this reason, any teacher who causes worry as he refers students to the waiting room should be cautioned. Ideally, referring sick students to that room should be swift awaiting the arrival of their parents or caregivers.

B)        Refer Students to Health Facilities

The arrival of parents or caregivers should not be an end to itself. Still, the school has a responsibility to refer the students to a good hospital

The Verdict

Children have indeed overstayed at home. It has been months now!  However, the waiting continues. As a parent you are looking forward to the day your kids will report back to school. Nonetheless, be attentive to ensure that they stay safe even as you are eager to take them back to school.

This article serves to give an idea of how best to protect kids from COVID-19 while in school. This guarantees their safety from the disease. Therefore, follow these ideas for the safety of your children and everyone else.

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