4 Wellness Habits to Improve Your Quality of Life

Ways to be the best version of yourself

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There’s no model for a good quality life. Just like success, quality is relative; it speaks to us in different languages.

As cliché as it may sound, health is wealth. Everyone acknowledges the importance of wellness in living. In the absence of good health, everything you thought was invaluable, loses meaning.

Here are 4 wellness habits for an improved quality of life:

1. Get enough sleep

In today’s quest for success, sleep is regarded as the enemy. People are advised to stay “woke,” lest they sleep away their lives. Contrary to what a lot of people think, sleep makes you more successful. A study conducted by National Sleep Foundation revealed that adults require a minimum of seven hours sleep daily. Anything short of this leads to sleep deprivation.

When you don’t sleep well, you are more prone to stress, and this has an adverse effect on your body system. Your productivity at work reduces, and your relationships suffer due to lack of motivation.

2. Exercise adequately

It’s great to lose weight and stay in good shape. But that’s not all there is to exercise – it offers much more than a picture perfect body. Effective exercise transcends outward appearance. A few minutes of exercise relieves stress, and when you make it a habit, it builds up strong resistance against stress.

Exercise also provides social benefits. If you work out at a gym, you’ll most likely meet other people who are passionate about fitness and wellness. This creates an avenue for bonding and the possibility of building great relationships.

3. Cultivate good personal hygiene

We live in a mobile society. Regardless of the nature of your job, you are most likely to come across different people on a daily basis. And when you do, your personality influences the outcomes of your interactions. Good personal hygiene creates a positive self-image. You radiate a certain charm that people would want to associate with.

A little stain on your clothes may be dismissed as an accident, but not smelling right can cause a lot of damage to your personality. It even gets worse when you open your mouth to speak, and an unpleasant smell oozes. You begin to notice that people are withdrawing from you, and it takes a toll on your self-confidence.

4. Build meaningful relationships

The people you associate with mirror your life. You subconsciously absorb the energy they give you, and it becomes a part of you. When you surround yourself with people who don’t acknowledge your worth, you begin to lose yourself.

Relationships are healthy when they are mutually beneficial. Parties involved are motivated to thrive. If the people you love and care about don’t feel same way about you, the trueness of your relationship is questionable. Those closest to you are the ones you share the most part of your live with. If they don’t bring out the best in you, it’s fruitless. Keep away from toxic people and environments; they drain you until you become empty.

Your quality of life is an offshoot of the choices you make. It’s okay to want to be there for people. But in the end, you can only make true impact on others when the life you live is fulfilling and satisfying in its own way.

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