31 Ultra-Creative Ways To Spend Your Hourlong Lunch Break

Don’t waste your precious free time standing in line at a salad shop.

Getting through a long day at work can be tough, especially if you don’t step outside the office and get away from your desk for a little bit. Consider one of these invigorating ways that employees at other companies spend their breaktime.

1. Get a massage.

Your back will thank you for this one.

2. Get a tattoo.

It sounds crazy, but this company lets its employees get free ink in its office.

3. Hit the waves.

Patagonia encourages employees to go surfing during the workday. One of the many perks of working by a beach.

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4. Go for a run.

Employees say the trails near the Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park, CA are perfect for a midday run.

5. Challenge a coworker to an old school game of Atari.


6. Volunteer.

Paid-time off to volunteer is becoming increasingly popular–some companies will even let you take an hour of the workday to do so!

7. Get a basketball game going.

The staff at Zynga challenges each other to an afternoon game of friendly competition.

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8. Go kayaking.

Yep, you can do this at Glassdoor.

9. Take a yoga class.

Maybe there’s a studio down the street…or in your office.

10. Play videogames.

There’s nothing like a quick round of Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart to get your adrenaline running. Glassdoor headquarters has a huge selection of games, including Galaga.

11. Hit the gym.

If your company has an on-site gym like Google, check the class schedule and sweat out the work stress.

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12. Get a pedicure.

Seriously, treat yourself!

13. Play volleyball.

Yahoo employees have a sand volleyball court–between an intense game and the sand beneath your toes, it’s almost like taking a mini-vacation.

14. Take your dogs to the park.

If you work at a pet-friendly workplace like Timberland, invite a co-worker and their dog to go for a walk!

15. Go for a bike ride.

Whether you have your own bike or can rent one from work, go for a quick ride around town.

16. Take an educational class online.

Some companies like Starbucks offer tuition assistance, so maybe use your break to take a class or learn a new skill.

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17. See a therapist.

There’s nothing wrong with using your break to schedule in a therapy session! It’ll help you de-stress, and your company might pay for it!

18. Get your car serviced.

OK maybe this sounds boring, but at least you’re checking something off you’re to-do list! Companies like S.C. Johnson will help you get your car serviced or get your oil changed.

19. Go snowboarding or skiing.

You probably need to work near a mountain for this one, but Burton Snowboards lets employees take off early when it snows–and provides season passes.

20. Go skating.

Ice skating, roller blading, or skateboarding–whatever wheels you prefer, take a break to go for a ride!

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21. Climb the rock wall.

If your company has a rock wall in its gym like Chesapeake Energy does, make it your goal to climb higher and higher each day!

22. Take a cooking class.

Whether your company offers one, or a co-worker is down to teach you a recipe in the company kitchen, this makes for both a great break and lunch idea.

23. Get crafty.

Work on a scarp book or paint some pottery, it’ll get your creative juices flowing!

24. Hit the driving range.

Or a mini-golf course, whatever fits your golf stroke.

25. Take your kids out to play.

Many companies like SAS Institute offer childcare at the office for parents. If that’s the case, why not schedule a play date as a break?

26. Plan a backpacking adventure.

If your company offers you a travel stipend or unlimited vacation days, what not take a break to plan a week of travel?

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27. Go swimming.

If your offer is near water, or has a pool, why not go for a dip?

28. Attend a concert.

Pandora offers free in-office performances during the day.

29. Take an improv class.

Twitter offers employees improv classes, and then they tweet about it.

30. Take a nap.

I mean, why not? Many offices have designated nap sections with nap pods (including Uber)–just make sure your alarm goes off!

31. Get a haircut.

Some companies offer hair salons on site. Why not get a new do and return to work in style?

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Originally published at www.glassdoor.com on September 13, 2016.

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