3 Ways to Transition Back to Life Without Summer Fridays

Here’s how to cope when 4:00 p.m. rolls around on your first full week back.

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By Jane Burnett

It’s one thing when you never had summer Fridays at work in the first place, but if you did, dealing with their eventual end can be rough, to say the least. You might just feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you — and then thrown out the window.

Here are three simple ways to ease the blow when that day comes around.

Don’t save the worst for last

Pushing off that huge assignment until the very last minute when you had the option to work ahead is never a good idea, but it can feel even worse when summer Fridays end. Basically, trying to move mountains from 9 to 5 at the end of the week is the last thing you’ll want to be doing.

So even though you have another full work day ahead, reward yourself with more time to work on other things — instead of what you’re dreading the most. If you do more work earlier in the week, you’ll be in better shape.

Wear something that lifts your mood

Do you ever look around on Friday morning commutes to work and see that similar look of resignation in people’s eyes? Everyone seems like they’re completely over the week already and have already checked out into the weekend.

If you’re one of those people, one way to feel a little better is to wear something that brightens your day. It might not make the time tick any faster, but at least you’ll be wearing something that ups your confidence level.

So instead of picking up the same old thing you wear every Friday, toss it back into your closet and pull on something that feels better.

Make plans with a friend after work — or just relax

Whether it’s happy hour drinks at a local bar, dinner or a movie you’ve been wanting to see for a while, make plans that you’ll be looking forward to all day. This might even motivate you to get your work done faster — just make sure you’re not swimming in assignments you procrastinated on until the very end. If something pressing comes up, handle it the best way you can.

But just remember that the opposite also applies: there’s nothing wrong with heading straight home for self-care after a jam-packed Friday. Don’t be afraid to take time for yourself when you’ve been thinking you’d rather be home than anywhere else all day. Pay attention to how you’re feeling, and go from there.

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