3 Ways to Free Up Your Time and Create More Productivity In Each Day

Focus on what you do best.

Are you a busy entrepreneur who never seems to find enough time in the day to do everything you need to do? If so, you’re not alone. There are countless people working the daily grind, just like you, who are trying to find the happy balance which leads to success.

You want to be able to find more time to do the things you need to do in your day to day business. However, you may also need to free up more time to do certain things in your work day, or even your home/family life as well. It’s important to understand how these balance each other out so you can be as productive as you can be.

For this article, I spoke with Connor Gillivan and Nathan Hirsch, co-founders of FreeeUp.com. The duo has been featured in Huffington Post, Influencive.com, and on leading podcasts such as John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire and Eventual Millionaire. In 2017, the duo is publishing their first book titled Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies. Before founding FreeeUp, they sold over $20 million on the Amazon Marketplace and have been honing productivity hacks for years.

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They each spoke about three different ways you can manage your business more effectively and how you can find more time throughout your day which leaves you being more productive and successful in your business and home life.

#1 — Surround Yourself With Assistants More Organized Than You

Connor and Nathan understand the importance of having a qualified assistant who can both handle the workload you give them, and be as productive as you need them to be.

You already understand how entrepreneurs always end up running out of time. There’s just too many tasks for you to take on it seems. Connor Gillivan explains how this is extremely difficult for some business owners to understand. He had the very same problem when he started in the eCommerce business as well and struggled when he didn’t hire assistants to help in keeping everything organized.

You have to understand you can’t do it all by yourself. There are responsibilities which require your attention, however, there are also day to day tasks which would be better served by an assistant and it’s up to you to determine which of these tasks you’re willing to part with so you can free up some of your time to do more productive things.

Hiring assistants can keep you honest about different projects. It’s when they need help, they can shed a brighter light on the task at hand, which helps keep the projects organized at a higher level than you can keep it. Hiring an assistant will do just that.

#2 — Stay Focused On What You’re Absolutely Best At

Nathan Hirsch responded to this quickly explaining it clearly to me. The best entrepreneurs understand where they’re strengths are. In turn, this is why they are so successful because they focus on these strengths day in and day out.

It’s important to understand how to find others in your team who can do certain jobs so you can pass these tasks off to them if you’re not qualified to achieve them. If you have expertise in Amazon listings, and you understand this is your forte, but a job comes across your desk which requires you to work on Twitter ads, you need to find a team member who has expertise in this area. Not only will you save time having to research Twitter advertising, but you will also give the team member something they love which will increase productivity and growth.

Taking every task outside of your area of expertise will prove in the slow growing of your business and you may start to see you’re slowly becoming agitated with the process. Learn your strengths and stick with them. This is the way your business is going to explode in your industry.

#3 — Have An Organized Game Plan For Each Day And Each Week

If you’re looking to be more productive, get more work done, and create more success then you need to understand priorities and plan-making. Mr. Gillivan says, “Every Sunday, I sit down for 1 hour and I create goals that I want to achieve in the next week. Each morning, I create an hour by hour plan for how I will spend my time in that day based off the goals I created for the week.”

Prioritizing and planning are the keys to taking control of your business schedule. In turn, this allows for more success and strength within your mental state which affects the overall condition of your business.

Sit down and write out everything you feel is the most important tasks you should be doing for the week within your business. Which one’s can you do personally? Which tasks should you be handing out to your team members for higher productivity level? This will determine your plan for productivity within your company for the day.

While one may not think it’s very important to plan every minute of your day, you must understand, if you don’t do the planning, you could see wasted time, too many hours spent working on specific projects which weren’t all that important in the first place, and many more examples like this.

In Conclusion

Your business needs goals. You should have a goal of where you want your business in the next year, in the next six months, the next month, week, and today. If you’re not planning your game around your goals then you are setting yourself up for failure.

I want to challenge you today after you finish reading this article to sit down and create a goal of where you want your business to be at the end of this week. What do you want it to accomplish? Now, write down what you want to do in each of the next seven days and include all of the tasks it would take to get you there as well.

Let me know what the main goal for your business is in the comment section!

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