3 Ways of Getting a Massage to Promote Wellness

Wellness is the scope of all things that work to improve a person’s overall mental and physical health.

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During these trying times, we are all doing what we can to promote sanitation and prevent the spread of disease to protect ourselves and our fellow Canadians. But – what are we doing to promote wellness?

Wellness is the scope of all things that work to improve a person’s overall mental and physical health. Wellness activities are lifestyle practices that can help relieve stress and strain and can in turn boost your immune system. Exercising daily and self-care helps build immunity by improving your health and reducing a compromise on your immune system. 

So, while we definitely want to continue our sanitation practices and take our vitamins, taking some time for self-care can be vital to your mental wellbeing. 

Benefits of Registered Massage Therapy

Registered massage therapists treat a range of issues and also contribute to overall health and wellness.

Some health areas addressed by RMTs are:

–       Cancer

–       Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

–       Fibromyalgia

–       Headaches

–       Low Back Pain 

–       Multiple Sclerosis 

–       Osteoarthritis

–       Plantar Fasciitis 

–       Pregnancy

–       Sports Injuries & Preparation

–       Stress Release 

–       Stroke

–       Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

–       Whiplash 

While massage therapy does not set out to cure or absolve all symptoms related to these issues, it does offer relief in many of these areas. Relief is achieved from a physiological standpoint. Meaning massage therapy offers relief by improving blood and lymphatic circulation or addressing pain receptors. 

1.     Ease Muscle or Joint Pain

Muscle, back, and joint pain are incredibly common and debilitating. It can often be difficult to accomplish the things you need to accomplish – or even find the motivation – when much of your body hurts. 

Through the extensive knowledge applied by massage therapists, they are able to reduce muscle and joint pain by increasing circulation and reducing stiffness in muscles that often leads to pain or poor muscle operation. 

Muscle tension can lead to a lower range of motion and potential injury if not addressed properly. By allowing a registered massage therapist to address your muscle pain, you will see improvement (Yeun, 2017) in the simple tasks of everyday life or increased performance in the gym. 

2.     Lower Depression, Anxiety, and Stress 

Mentally, we’re all going through it. Massage therapy can greatly benefit mental factors that can impede on your daily life. Depression, anxiety, and stress can lead to problems with sleep, affect your ability to do your job, and even weaken your immune system. 

Stress negatively affects the immune system by releasing specific hormones and activating parts of the nervous system that reduce your immunity (Herbert, 1994). Consider that your immune system is having to work hard to combat these physiological effects, making it less prepared to fight off illness. 

By participating in massage therapy, your registered massage therapist will be able to apply practices that can increase neurotransmitters that can lower anxiety and decrease hormones that can contribute to anxiety. This makes registered massage therapy a great resource for many patients suffering trying medical conditions by affording them the opportunity to reduce the stress they have due to their conditions. 

3.     Reduce the Frequency and Symptoms of Headaches

While muscle pain and anxiety can both interfere with your daily productivity, headaches are another, often chronic, condition that can be debilitating for many people. Headaches are caused by a number of issues ranging from improper posture to increased stress. Whatever the reason, massage therapy can address this issue. 

In a four-week study of 25 individuals that all reported chronic headaches, the effectiveness of massage therapy for headaches was evaluated. Each week consisted of 2 30-minute standardized massage sessions and every participant reported fewer headaches after just the first week (Christopher Quinn, 2002).

Through the significant positive effects that massage therapy can bring to muscle tension, circulation, and stress relief, a knowledgeable massage therapist has the tools to reduce your headache symptoms. Your registered massage therapist should be able to come up with an interconnected treatment plan that will address the source of your headaches.  

Registered Massage Therapy as an Alternative Medicine 

Massage therapy is a natural and drug-free way to introduce many health benefits into your life. Because of the extensive training registered massage therapists in BC are required to go through, their knowledge of anatomy, pressure points, and reactive treatment plans can be very effective in addressing a variety of ailments. 

As Canada takes steps to regulate the massage therapy industry throughout the provinces, massage therapy is becoming increasingly recognized as an effective alternative medicine. Registered massage therapists in Vancouver, Surrey, and throughout British Columbia will have the training and the know-how to improve your life in a variety of ways.  

Massage therapy is often thought of a luxury or treat, and while this is true, massage carries many benefits that can contribute to your overall physical and mental wellbeing. Incorporate massage therapy into your routine and experience your wellness increase in ways you may not have thought possible. 

Because of the health benefits, you may be able to have some of your massage therapy covered by your medical provider and should explore these benefits. Don’t feel guilty about investing in your self-care and wellbeing, especially in a time where we all need it the most.

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