3 Tips for Managing Political Outrage

Easy steps to remain calm, cool and collected.

It seems like a lot of people, including myself, have been spending a little too much time in a judgmental state of political outrage. No bueno. This increases the natural fight-or-flight chemicals that flow through our bodies, making us more likely to be stressed, agitated, overweight, and less able to produce clear, innovative solutions for these or any of life’s everyday problems. Engaging in judgment and outrage also drops you directly into the victim seat. Who wants to be a victim?? I’ll tell you — nobody. So how do we stay vigilant about what we believe without playing the victim?

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1) Ask Questions — Check Your News Sources. The most trustworthy media sources are sensationalistic at best, while less trustworthy media outlets are often peddling absolute nonsense. Major newspapers are still your best bet, but cross-check your information before blindly believing it.

2) Look Inward — Check Yourself. Ask if your constant outrage is serving anyone, most of all yourself. Are you just raging to the same people who are raging right back? There’s a place for outrage, but not in our daily life. What’s a more productive way to channel that energy?

3) Take Action — Get Involved. Do a little digging and find a political group that can provide an outlet for your political passion. Maybe it’s a particular cause you’re interested in or maybe it’s a monthly political party meeting. Put that passion to work! Our country needs you!

In the spirit of health and wellness and self-love, it’s not good to carry around judgment and outrage every day. It gums up our internal wheels and drains us of energy that we could be using for far more productive endeavors like writing a book, changing jobs, or just being a better human. In order to generate innovative solutions to problems, we need to keep ourselves open, our energy levels up, and keep asking ourselves, “what’s the opportunity?” As the answers materialize so does our fortitude to keep moving toward them.

Have a beautiful week!


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