3 Symptoms of The Eclipse In Leo

And 3 ways to make sure that you rise

Rise up. 
Rise up from the darkness upon which you dwell….

Sometimes life calls upon us to rise.
This is one of those times.

Maybe you’ve been feeling like chumbawumba lately – I’ll spare posting the song, but it goes something like…”I get knocked down, but I get up again get knocked down, but I get up again, You are never gonna keep me down” And basically it just says that over and over again – like an western world (football rather than yoga) chant :-/ 

Maybe you’ve been feeling like you are on freeway 69 and every time a vehicle knocks you over and you get up the vehicle gets bigger? It started as a moped, turned into a mini, then a jeep and now it’s a juggernaught!

You might think, that life really has it in for you, when really it might just be that you’ve reached the next level. The trick is to see the call and rise to it, leaving behind the trauma of before.

Tip 1: Leo is all about having Strength

How are you going to get that if the load doesn’t keep increasing?
Do weightlifters get strong from weightlifting hankies? 

“The hardest tasks are given to the best students”

How about doing yourself a favour and next time you feel hit by a juggernaught, see it as life congratulating you in graduating? Try it, see what happens, choose to trust you’ve got this, over going into trauma and drama. Learn from the last time you felt knocked down…

Did you deserve to add to your challenge by creating more in the drama? 
Was it such a big deal in the end? 
After all you’ve survived it or you wouldn’t be reading this. 

Tip 2: Leo Is Dramatic

And when the moon is in Leo it is the most dramatic time of all. So use the drama wisely.
You have a god given talent and there is no doubt in my mind that the Leo Eclipse is calling us to be brave, strong and visible.

It’s time to share the gifts we have from a knowingness of our uniqueness and our worth, rather than crying out to be seen, heard, validated or rescued. 

If you feel the need to be seen, heard, validated or rescued then it’s time to take a trip to see your inner child, hear her, give her the validation and love and then go out to the world and be visible.

Tip 3: Leo Is Creative

The strength and drama that Leo hold bestow it with a profound creativity. We all have a God given talent that is unique to us. No-one can compete with that. This is the time to turn your attention to yourself, what is the gift you have to offer the world?

You don’t see a Lion cowardly turning away from life do you? 
This eclipse heralds the time for you to own who you are and find the courage to be visible. 

“The World Is a Stage”

Just make sure your inner child is feeling loved first – Leo is the sign of the heart, whatever you do must come from there.

Eclipses mark a time of truths emerging and pages turning. 
The last eclipse was in September, so whatever was starting then is landing now. 

Who will you be with on the eclipse?
As Leo is so creative and dramatic and this eclipse marks a turning point for the next six months, my guess is they are going to play an important role in your movie.

There are only four eclipses this year (sometimes there are several) – this month heralds a twin eclipse (2 in the same month). It’s a powerful seed of change and…

All in all Leo is powerful, and like anything that is powerful it either creates or destroys on a big level. 
When it is pure and aligned to the heart the creation that Leo brings forth is from a direct hotline to God. 

When Leo is in it’s shadow side it heaps on drama and despair causing nothing but destruction. This is why making sure you spend some time nurturing your inner child is paramount for yourself and those around you. 

As this eclipse is in Leo on 11th there is a lot to do with the twin/relating energy and being integral from the heart – maybe you’ve seen an increase in the number 11?
Last night my group class webinar finished at 1:11:11! 

Leo has a strong alignment with the number 11. It was the 11th card in the Tarot (representing upright integrity) until just over a hundred years ago, now the 11th card is Justice and Strength is number 8, but still they are entwined:

11 – Justice/upright alignment 
8 – Strength/what you do comes back to you.

Both of which smack of karma – our ability to respond to life and how it then responds to us. 
If we are out of alignment at this time, boy are we going to feel it. 

Life will roar.
It’s time to give yourself the love you deserve, you are the one who knows better than anyone what this is, so it makes sense to give it to yourself – and it makes no-sense to expect others to give it to you. 

It’s time to rise up from licking your wounds and create heaven on earth from your own god given talents and that can only happen if you manage to Cut The Cr*p! As Lady Justice is doing below.

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Wishing you a magical moon

Love from Tiffany x

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