3 Steps To Aligned, Profitable Business in 2020

The direct approach to making a real impact and high profit without questioning your values this year.

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2020 is here, hoorah! We’ve long ago busted the idea of grey, boxy corporate cubicles as “business as usual”, and rightly so.

Resources, platforms and accessibility on a global scale is a reality for most people. A soul-led, profitable business is completely within reach.

This is the future, the dream, and we are living it now.

And yet, as a coach with 16 years’ experience in the entrepreneur industry, the issue I see most in my work is what I call “The challenges of infinite choice.” 

When you can choose anything, what do you choose?

It’s a conundrum created by the very freedoms we are hoping to take advantage of, and it drowns more people than it elevates.

The cure?

A manifesto or philosophy that holds tight to your personal values.

No matter your stage of income or business, your unique expression and skillset is the key to your success – and the below list holds true for a direct and values driven approach to making money online in 2020.

1. Impressing Yourself First

This is a personal philosophy I developed while riding a bicycle rickshaw to break a world record in 2015, something I never would have done if I listened to those around me.

The only real way to make an impact and to release the true extent of your gifts to the world, and especially in a self created business, is to ask the question:

“What would truly impress ME to have done / said / created?”

It’s a fast view-changer and essential foundation for everything from creating content, creating programs, creating lifestyles, and therefore creating profit.

2019 saw the bullshit meter of most online buyers strengthened to the point where anything inauthentic or copycat-ish is a complete turn off.

Impressing yourself first as a mindset and an activity is the death of all comparison to others.

And comparison to others is the death of a business.

2. Aligned Work Is The Cure

Another common issue is the “I fell down for a week so now I am behind” mentality.

We are all human, and we will all have human days, weeks months.

People pass away, real traumas occur, genuine needs sometimes needs to be re-prioritised.

The issue here is that without a boos on your shoulder doling out KPI’s, it can be hard to get back up again. Not getting back up, you already know, is not an option if you really want this thing to work out.

At the same time – ignoring our needs defeats the purpose and leads to burnout.

A fast fix for this is a tool I call “Diving and Climbing”.

Allowing ourselves to “dive” into our needs, our breakdowns, our tired times, our flows.

And at the same time, making an internal commitment to continue to “climb”, keep the vision in sight, take the steps (even the tiniest ones) in the direction of that vision.

Sometimes the climbing might only be making a quick list or writing one message or post, sometimes it is standing on a TedX stage or selling out a program.

Allowing space for both diving and climbing is a game changer, and shows real leadership.

3. Curate Your Beliefs and the Beliefs of Your Audience

Essentially, “collect everything good and tell everyone”.

Our brains are trained by the repetition of information. I am the only person who can create the reality my brain sees, and the information I consume can make or break my success.

With more social media fatigue than ever before, and the genuine hunger I am seeing in my communities for truthful, higher vibe leadership, what you consume must be mindful.

The fastest hack here is to create a “Reality” folder.

I’ve heard this called a “Smile File” or put more simply, testimonials.

Every time there is a positive comment, message, win, email, video ANYTHING that shows a personal or professional achievement, however small you believe it to be, collect it in this folder.

What’s important here is not just the habit of collecting, but more importantly the practise of regularly reading it as an essential part of mental preparation and resilience. 

Counter balancing the negativity bias of our brains requires a flood of legitimate proof. This file can be read any time an entrepreneur feels down, doubtful, or unsure of their leadership.

Put this file on your profiles and you’ve got the instant double win of social proof for future clients and support for your own entrepreneurial mental health.

And one final thought as we move into this new year, a quote by Neil Gaiman

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you.”

That is your edge.

Happy New Year, world shakers.

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