3 Simple Ways To Deal With Excitement Drainers In Your Life

Rise above setbacks,negative energy, discouragement and start thriving.

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What happens when you wake up and you don’t feel excited about your life?

Suddenly the energy and enthusiasm to pursue your passion and purpose are gone.

At this point, reevaluate whether you’ve allowed these three excitement drainers to creep into your life unnoticed. 

Let me show you how to rise above them and thrive.

1. Setbacks

Life happens…

No matter how much we prepare ahead for it. Life is full of uncertainties and unpredictable events beyond our control happen.

A wrong decision you made. The poor choices those close to you make. Or the venture you embarked on failed because it needed to be nurtured first. These events left you shattered and vulnerable.

The solution lies in how you deal with it, overcome it and move forward.

Setbacks happen to distract you, break your focus and hinder your progress. Plan ahead how you will deal with them. Ignoring them will not make them go away.

Recognize setbacks,confront them and deal with what you can. After all, you’re not superhuman. You’re human.

A setback could be anything from financial loss,sickness,the death of a loved one,business closure,betrayal and broken relationships. Actually, the list is endless.

Let’s take the example of financial loss…

Acknowledge you are experiencing a financial setback. Come to terms with the situation. Count your losses. Ask yourself some honest questions – why did I experience financial loss?

What could I have done differently? Do an audit of where you’re right now financially. Consider seeking help from a financial coach or consultant. Develop a recovery back to financial freedom plan. And implement it.

Pick yourself up and move on from where you stopped. Take your next goal and begin implementing it.

2. Negative Energy

Are you always feeling tired and lacking energy?

Do you experience moments where you feel drained both physically and emotionally?

Could it be that you have a lot of negative energy around you?

Negative energy is released when you always see everything in the worst possible way. This has a tendency to affect you and everyone around you.

How to deal with negative energy

Keep a grateful spirit and a thankful heart. Every evening before going to sleep write at least five things you’re thankful for and dwell on them. These trigger happy thoughts and you’ll wake up feeling excited about your life.

Spend time with the right people who bring out the best in you. Positive and thankful people who chose to see good even in bad situations. People who celebrate you and not tolerate you.

Declutter your space. Clutter has a way of making you feel crowded and releases negative energy around you. Get rid of excess stuff, give it away and buy only the stuff you need. Consider embracing a minimalist lifestyle.

What you absolutely don’t need right now and in the coming year is negative energy and bad vibes. Do whatever it takes to eliminate negativity and you’ll regain your energy and enthusiasm.

3. Discouragement

Discouragement has a way of leaving you emotionally drained. Especially when you wallow in it and focus on what is not happening in your life.

Feelings of discouragement come when you continually attempt doing something without success.

One way to deal with it is to have a conversation with yourself and evaluate the root cause why  you’re discouraged. Feelings of discouragement don’t just pop up. It’s a buildup of negative thoughts that eventually leave you experiencing discouragement. 

Ask yourself some questions?

What have I been thinking about lately? Your thoughts influence the way you feel.

Did I set unrealistic goals? Could be you’re trying to achieve something that’s clearly unrealistic at the moment.

Am I true to my authentic self? Or have i started comparing myself to others, resulting in feelings of inadequacy.

Understand where your true strength lies. What comes naturally to you? What are your skills and talents? Embrace them and keep developing them.

Is it all work and no play? Take time to relax, sleep and engage in a hobby.

Some things you can do to overcome discouragement.

Seek support from friends and those who bring out the best in you.

Take time out to socialize with people who love and appreciate you.

Engage in a hobby you love.

Embrace your unique self and celebrate your difference. This is what distinguishes you from the crowd.

Have some ME time and recapture your true self, get away for the weekend and just hang out with you.

Soak in a bubble bath, sleep, take a walk, enjoy the fresh air of the countryside and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Switch off your cell phone – trust me the world will still revolve without you.

Ran your race and keep your pace – avoid comparisons.

Whatever you do, never forget to be good to yourself.

It’s totally acceptable…

Final Thoughts

Remember these excitement drainers have potential to sap life out of you. Within you lies the power to rise again and thrive.

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