3 Reasons why Self-care, Mindset work & SEX should be a TOP priority for Mompreneurs!

This may surprise some of you, but PLEASURE & FEELING GOOD is KEY for having a successful Business & Life as a Busy Mompreneur.

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It’s safe to say that I’ve found and tested 3 “holy grail” practices that have turned my life, business and marriage into one fit for the QUEEN!

And I want to share them with you mama.

You see… from coaching and connecting with so many ambitious, modern mompreneurs over the years, one big theme that I became aware of, including within myself at first, is that when they are moving forward on their dreams and building a business from ground up with a family alongside, they often let FEELING GOOD fall to the way-side.. and for good reason I know!

Most mama’s are managing the house-work, 9-5 grind, basketball practices and dish-duty, while growing their dream empires, and think about it… with rowdy kids and a “needy man”… how can they fit in time for their own pleasure, mindset work and “turn-on“?

Well, I am here to tell you this…. IT IS A MUST! Especially if you desire to tap back into feeling more like a QUEEN in your life, relationships and business.

Here are my TOP 3 reason’s why I teach my Mommyboss clients to consistently PRIORITIZE the following:

  1. Sacred Feminine Self-care – allows busy mompreneurs like you and I to get back to RECEIVING-mode as women. This is where creativity, divine downloads and MONEY can easily flow into our lives. This is because we are much more OPEN… willing and relaxed AS F**K, which allows us to be in our feminine.. This is a MUST for ambitious mamas who want to grow their business to the level of success they desire, minus the burnout and overwhelm. I like to schedule this “QUEEN-time” as I like to call it, into my calendar DAILY and also let my hubby and kids (to the best that I can) know so that they will respect my space and let me BE!
    • Baths with lit candles, hot yoga, late-night chats with a girlfriend and wine are some easy examples you can start with! The point is to let go of business goals, family responsibilities and plain ol STRESS and just be a woman again.. uninterrupted and blissful.
  2. Queen-Mindset work – helps us to STOP the “stress-train” of sabotaging thoughts that come (when we are burn-out and tired) and limits our potential and BELIEF in ourselves. It allows us to get back to feeling empowered , confident & ready to #SLAY business, motherhood & life on a daily! **Check out my latest FREE Queen-mindset Training where I went fully into what this includes for me & my clients HERE.**
    • One thing that I have learned along my journey to Queen alongside being a Mommyboss is that MINDSET is the KEYto unlocking our success, sustaining it with motherhood and wifey duties and allowing yourselves to feel worthy of it all, no matter what life throws our way!
  3. Pleasure & Sex – helps us to UNLEASH our inner Wild Woman and bring back to life our fresh ideas, BOMB inspiration and high-vibe perspective on life and just simply get back to being sensual, radiant beings. When we allow our selves to consistently indulge in more pleasure (whether sexual or otherwise) we start to feel more connected and in-tune with our bodies, our intuition and our deepest desires again.

    • As a millennial mama, this is EXTRA important because we can often forget that underneath our mommy-role, we are still sensual beings, desiring love and intimacy.. with our men, with our own bodies and with our connection to God/Source…and feeling GOOD is the best place to start.

Feeling these reasons Queen? Please spread the LOVE and share this with your community of Modern Mompreneurs… IT IS SO NEEDED IN THEIR WORK & LIFE!

What did YOU think of these reasons? Comment your big takeaways below.


Rochelle Ford-Wilson

Life & Success Coach to ambitious, SOUL-driven women & moms who are ready to get back to being Radiant, Successful Queens of their life, family & Business again! Learn more: www.queensuccessbyrochelle.com

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