3 Character Traits To Grow A Successful Career In PR with Rachel Reva

PR Strategy Series with Kage Spatz, Founder of Spacetwin.com

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If you can provide content that is useful and engaging in your industry, this strategy can set you apart from other competitors as you are then being seen as influencing the industry, not just operating within it, and offering value to consumers — and can also create a more meaningful relationship with your customers over time.

Welcome to another installment of our PR Strategy Series, where you can learn directly from top industry experts on how you can leverage media attention to grow your business.

Today we are talking about how you can grow your PR career by highlighting parts of a conversation I had over at Authority Magazine with Rachel Reva.

Rachel Reva is a Publicity Strategist, author, radio host, and founder of ‘Life On Her Terms Media’. She worked in the media industry for ten years as a news publicist and PR manager — across television, health policy, and election campaigns, both in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series! Before we dive in, our readers would love to “get to know you” a bit better. Can you tell us a bit about your ‘backstory’ and how you got started?

I’m a publicity strategist and founder of “Life On Her Terms Media” — a coaching and consulting company where we help faith-driven female entrepreneurs land media coverage and become thought leaders in their industry.

I worked as a TV news publicist, at ABC News in Sydney and BBC News in London — cutting my teeth on dealing with journalists, news presenters and a lot of crises! I loved news and working with some of the biggest broadcasters in the world was an amazing experience in terms of learning about reputation management and learning how to deal with the media, whether it be pitching a good story or dealing with a reputational crisis.

I started my online coaching and consulting business while living in London. I enjoyed TV and publicity, I decided to create a career on my terms. I wanted to travel and work on my own schedule, and I became obsessive with learning how to market and manage a business online — and I found I could create more of an impact working from my laptop, serving clients across the globe, then a traditional 9–5 job would allow.

What started off as career coaching seemed to find me back to my sweet spot: combining my experience in publicity with my gift of encouragement and motivation. I now get to work with women of faith who are ready to get visible and go to the next level in their business –through publicity and marketing strategies.

Visibility in the new currency in business and the faster women in business get comfortable and confident getting in front of the camera, the faster their business can scale and they can grow their impact.

I recently published my first book ‘ Grit, Grace and Hustle: A Faith Gal’s Guide to Authentic Success’ and host my own weekly radio inspirational coaching series ‘Coffee and Faith’ on RhemaFM.

It’s been five years since starting my own business and I absolutely love the business of helping other women get their message out into the world.

Which three character traits do you think were most instrumental to your success thus far?

1. Grit: The ability to ‘stay in the game’. I think the most important decision you make in business is just to stay in the game and not quit. There are some hard days and seasons in business, but when you make the decision that ‘no matter what I’m in it’ — there is a resolve that occurs and you make decisions from a place of certainty. Success isn’t a habit, it’s a decision that you make of pursuing the next level and growing and serving and giving and becoming. In the female coaching world, the word ‘grit’ isn’t celebrated much, but in my experience, it’s been a key characteristic to my success.

2. Pivot: I have changed my business structure and offer at least 3 times since launching my business. Sometimes the market changes. Sometimes life changes — when I became a mother I decided to change my business and focussed on consulting and copywriting for a year. Sometimes the pivot comes from whispers: women of faith kept coming to me asking about publicity and visibility. So, I pivoted and created an offer that was just for that market. Don’t be afraid to pivot when needed and listen to the signs that may be pointing you an in uncomfortable new direction — it’s often the decision that will stretch you the most and also provide the best experience personally and professionally!

3. Hustle: While this word has some negative connotations, it literally just means you are willing to work on your business, no matter how you feel. Don’t be led by your feelings. Connect with like-minded people. Hold virtual coffees. Reach out to people you’d like to work with on linkedin. Pitch yourself. When you aren’t working with clients, work on marketing your business. I believe in hustling with my heart. You need to fall in love with marketing and sales. When people see that you are good at what you do, when you are happy to give value and can help them no matter where they are at, that’s when the hustle turns into a successful flow — but you need to work hard to plant the seeds to start with. You can’t stay in ‘hustle’ mode forever, but it’s a key trait to any success.

Wonderful. Let’s now jump into the main part of our interview. What 3 media strategies are typically most effective in generating more business for a national brand?

  1. Create national ambassadors: If you can partner with a well-known celebrity or influencer who is willing to become an ambassador for your brand, it can have a huge ROI in your business. We have seen A-lister celebrities align themselves with: mental health organizations, travel companies, and alcohol companies generating a huge amount of media and ROI for certain brands, just by association. Never underestimate the power of connecting your brand with a person of influence. The ROI on this strategy is huge because it results in media interviews and placements long after the advertisements have aired and your brand ends up receiving a wider audience and national attention longer than an advertisement placement alone would receive.
  2. Let the customers be part of the story: In 2021, Coca-Cola started a campaign called #halffull. Their advertising told ‘half stories’ which took a spin on negative stories, with the goal of highlighting the positive side and “glass-half-full” concept. The hashtag became an online conversation for people to join in and share some of their own positive experiences. If you can take a conversation off-line or continue it on another platform, it’s a powerful way to grow your brand and influence. Instead of you — the brand — telling a story, I would create strategies that invite an audience to be part of the conversation.
  3. Focus on national media platforms: Depending on the goal of the national brand, I would look at placing interviews and stories across national TV and radio as well as targeted podcast and youtube channels that are in line with the target audience. I would look at tying all media in with a popular awareness date or a timely topic that is relevant to the story of the brand. Morning programs are still a popular medium and I would pitch interviews to youtube and podcast channels that have a similar target audience to our demographic. Story-telling is key to everything you do in business.

One more before we go: If you could start a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be?

I would teach entrepreneurship and money management to every public school student from kindergarten. Kids are the best inventors and I believe the earlier we can talk about money and how to create money for ourselves, that it will lead to a more empowered generation. My end goal through my business is to: break the cycles of family poverty that a lot of kids in public schools are dealing with today.

Thank you for sharing so many insights with us!

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